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Dampfwerk Pfefferminz³

Baby, it's getting cold, and January is time to get cozy with liqueurs. Dampfwerk is a family-owned distillery in St Louis Park. New this season is a uniquely delicious peppermint schnapps liqueur, Pfefferminz³. This schnapps is herbal and refreshing, with 12 different botanicals and the 'cubed' represents the three step process of maceration, distillation, and compounding techniques. Add to your flask while snowshoeing or swirl into a spicy hot chocolate après ski. It's delicious! (375ml)


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Roknar "PX Cask" Single Barrel Rye

Far North Distillery's Roknar Rye has long held the torch for great rye made here in Minnesota, so when Surdyk’s was offered the chance at an exclusive barrel – aged in Pedro Ximenez casks- we jumped. Created from non-GMO AC Hazlet Winter Rye and Heirloom Corn planted and harvested by head distiller Michael Swanson, who has hand numbered and initialed each bottle. This is a true farm to glass whiskey. Pedro Ximenez (“PX”) is a style of dessert sherry loved by whiskey producers for the echoes of caramel and chocolate that the barrels generously impart. These flavors only add to the depth of Roknar’s already beautiful spice and dried fruit profile. The purchase of Roknar supports local distillers, farmers, and small businesses.

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