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Here are the questions we hear the most.
If it's not covered here, head over to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

"Where are you located?"


At the corner of East Hennepin & University Avenue in Northeast Minneapolis. We are a big shiny building with a stainless steel exterior. You can’t miss it. (Really.)


We often get people calling us from the Minneapolis Public Library (on Third and Hennepin, downtown.) Please cross the Hennepin Avenue Bridge across the Mississippi River to Northeast Minneapolis, and we’re just three blocks ahead on the left.  


There is a parking lot to the front and to the side of the building, as well as some on-street parking.

"Where are your other locations?"


but … where is your location in Richfield/Downtown/Excelsior/OTHER SUBURB!?” 


There is just one retail location for Surdyk’s, it's on East Hennepin and University (see above.)

Yes, we are positive there is just one store.  However, we think of ourselves as a Family of Family Businesses.

At our location on East Hennepin and University, think of us as three separate shops: Surdyk's Liquor, Surdyk's Cheese Shop, and Sidebar at Surdyk's.

Because of grocery & restaurant laws in Minnesota, you make separate transactions in each shop.


Surdyk's Catering operates as a separate business, and they located on West River Road. They set up meetings by appointment only. Visit them online at


We have a partnership with Northrop Auditorium and operate a small café within the building (no liquor sales). Our Northrop Café is currently closed because of COVID-19.


You also might be thinking of Surdyk's Flights in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport in Terminal 2, but you need an airline ticket to go there. Surdyk's Flights is owned and operated through the MSP Airport.


Find links to each location's website and contact info at the bottom of your screen.


"Does Surdyk's deliver? Or ship out of state to Grandma?"


Local Delivery or Shipping is available for orders of $100 or more.

We ask for 24 hours notice and will confirm a three hour time window to schedule.

We can not drop deliveries on a doorstep, someone must be available to receive alcoholic beverages.


Local Delivery Range is 0-15 miles from the store.

All deliveries have a $25 fee.


Because of Prohibition-era laws, we are unable to ship to most locations outside of Minnesota.

We only ship select items, designated by "Ship / No Ship" on the individual product.

We are only able to ship to these states: AK, CA, DC, FL, & MN.

Use the "Estimate Delivery" function at the top of the screen for shipping rates.


View our complete delivery/shipping information here.


"Can Surdyk's Special Order something?" 


I’m looking for <insert any random product>. …CAN YOU GET IT FOR ME? 


We can special order items provided that they are available through a local distributor.

You must place an order for a solid case of that particular product. (We have to order a solid case, and that’s what we’ll have to sell to you.) If there is an item you wish to inquire about, please send us a message through our Contact Us form and we'll go from there.



"Does Surdyk's give charitable donations?"


Yes, Surdyk’s has a long history of charitable giving in our community.


We consider all requests, both large and small. Due to the number of requests we receive, we can not accept phone calls regarding donation requests. To be considered for a donation, please start by filling out our Donation Request Form. We will follow up with you via email within 30 days.


"I have a product! A marketing idea! (etc.) do I get a meeting?"


We have a small administrative staff and buying team. We all wear a lot of hats here.


We work with a big network of distribution. Since we're working with packed schedules, the best way to introduce yourself is by sending an email first to and those people will get your info to the right people.


"I don't see this product on the web?"


Items that are out of stock aren't shown online, so it's possible we just might be out of stock on a particular product, particularly if it's one you are used to seeing online.


Our online inventory closely mirrors our in-store inventory, but it's not all-inclusive. There is a larger selection of items in-store, in particular those items that have limited availability or are only available seasonally.


If there is something you don't see, let us know. We can probably help!


"What happened to the Heart Healthy Program?"


The Heart Healthy Program has been sunset for our new program, Surdyk's Rewards.


If you were a member of the Heart Healthy Program, you were grandfathered in to the new program, provided that we had your email address on file, as this new program is based entirely online. (Which also means we are no longer mailing a physical coupon / postcard each month.) If you're wondering about your status in the new program, or would like to add your email address to existing information, please use the Contact Us form. Heart Healthy Rewards points that were accumulated during the program can be migrated to the new Rewards Program.

Those legacy/historical points expire on July 2, 2021 when we will transition completely to the new program.


If you hate email, don't like ordering online, etc. 😢 there are still Reward options available for you in-store.

But hey, you're here! So we suggest checking out the online system, which has a whole lot more benefits and options.

You can still earn points and redeem coupons at the register. In fact, the program will be relatively unchanged (but we still won't be mailing coupons.)


Questions about the Reward Program


The Reward Program has its own set of information HERE (including FAQs.)