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Chiyonosono Shared Promise Junmai Sake

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When thinking about a sake for spring time, Chiyonosono Shared Promise Junmai is one near the top of my list. This famous brewery located in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan’s main islands, is known as the Junmai Expert. Chiyonosono Brewery started a new beginning for sake when Shared Promise Junmai was created in 1960. This sake was the first to be brewed without the addition of distilled alcohol which was a mandate to add to sake production during the World War II rice shortage. Not only did this sake pave the way for the popular food friendly Junmai Category, it is exceptional in its taste while still being offered at an excellent price point. Shared Promise is a well-crafted sake that offers layers of complexity that are emphasized by soft floral notes and fresh citrus. This sake is very clean and bright but still holds a layer of rich umami that really completes the beverage. Shared Promise is excellent with full bodied dishes like coconut curries and cream-based pastas, to a lighter spring dish of lemon butter fish to fresh greens with a citrus vinaigrette. Kanpai!