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Negroni Week

posted on Sep 19th 2023

Written by Surdyk's Staff Negroni Week – all year long. The Negroni is perhaps more popular today than it was when it was invented over a hundred years ago in a small Italian bar. We love it for its simplicity, just 3 spirits in equal parts. One bitter, one sweet, and one base. And while simple in the number of ingredients &nda … read more
Whiskey for Summer
Aug 12th 2023

Whiskey for Summer

Written by Noelle Starr Whiskey for Summer! There was a neighbor of mine who lived by a cocktail rule that had striking resemblance to the fashion rule abou … read more
Spritz Punch
Jul 8th 2023

Spritz Punch

Written by Surdyk's Staff What better way to celebrate summer than with a glass of spritz-y punch outdoors! Ok, we agree... a go … read more

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