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December 1 - December 13


Oh what fun it is! Great gift ideas, Staff Selections, hundreds of items on sale, and help to make this year's holiday season as merry as possible.
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Tattersall Darkness Barreled Rum

Our neighborhood friends at Tattersall Distilling have been ambitious and it’s our good fortune. They’ve taken barrels that previously held the beloved Surly Darkness and used them to age their rum. We liked it so much we bought the whole lot. The Rum has a beautiful amber hue, and found a delicious balancing point between spice, caramel notes and heat. At 90 proof this is a lovely sipper but sturdy enough to mix and not get lost. The Rum has a low, lingering warmth, reminiscent of a good brandy, with the energetic spice and light sweetness of a classic Caribbean gold rum, but with additional subtle notes of dark roasted malt echoing Surly’s famous imperial stout. Great gift idea for the spirit or beer lover who has tried everything. -Jim Larson, Surdyk's Buyer (90 Proof, 45% ABV)

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