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String Theory Cider

String Theory Cider

Posted on Sep 8th 2023

Written by
Surdyk's Staff




A unique and exciting product has just been approved for distribution here in Minnesota. Now introducing String Theory Ciders, from Cumberland, Wisconsin. Unique in that they are produced by hand via the champagne method, exciting because the depth and complexity of flavors will bend your mind! These are not your ordinary porch pounders: these beverages mean business. 


Throughout the course of any given week I am approached by at least a half dozen new breweries and cideries, all trying to find a coveted spot on our shelves here at Surdyk’s. String Theory caught my attention rapidly while mentioning their production methods. I racked my brain and couldn’t think of any other cider producer that bottled in the champagne method, a time-consuming process that’s typically reserved for, well, Champagne. During production, carbonation is produced naturally in the bottle during secondary fermentation, the yeast is then expelled, and the bottle is corked and caged. The result is a delightful, high-quality beverage possessing a tight and amazing bubble structure that lasts for hours. They currently offer three varieties:




Meadowlark – Dry with LOW acid. This tannic treat shows off it’s mature fruit with a surprisingly long finish. I served this with Paella recently and it was a big hit! 


Pirouette – Tart and acidic, slightly tannic with clean, discernable fruit. Try this with raw oysters. 


Picnic – My favorite of the three, a tart and scrumpy cider whose flavor is heightened by the addition of pear.   


The regular price of $18.99 is a tremendous deal when considering over a year of time and effort goes into every bottle created. Please enjoy this new treat during our Cider Sale from September 7-17 on sale for of $16.99 per bottle. Cheers to apple season! 


 -Brian Krause


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