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Q & A with Consultant J'Kalein Madison

Q & A with Consultant J'Kalein Madison

Posted on Dec 15th 2023

Written by
Surdyk's Staff

Where were you born & raised?

I was born in Pickens, Mississippi and raised in Waterloo, IA


Do you own a pet?

Yes, Teddy or Theodore Maximus Madison when he’s in trouble (and he’s in trouble a lot!)


Favorite food?

Mac & Cheese or just anything with cheese if I’m honest!


List some favorite books/movies?

Honestly, I love a good biography more than anything (especially political biographies) so that’s a hard one for me! Movies: (this list is totally random) Joker, The Color Purple, Little Miss Sunshine, the entire Harry Potter Series and Anne Hathaway in the Les Mis movie.


Favorite bands/music style?

I love all types of music – everything from classical chamber music, rock, hip-hop, country and big band! I have so many playlists for different moods, I could truly listen to anything!


Favorite Season?



Something you really dislike?

Haunted House – like 100% -- I don’t see the enjoyment in them at all. No thank you…I’ll pass


Fun fact about you?

I studied voice and viola in college and also play piano


What are some other things people may not know about you?

My main career is working for a regional theater company out of Minneapolis. I love the arts and outside of theater, I’m a regular patron of the orchestra. I directed/coach high school theater for almost 10 years and hope to one day open my own performing arts high school!

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