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Q&A with Consultant Noelle Starr

Q&A with Consultant Noelle Starr

Posted on May 6th 2023

Written by
Surdyk's Staff

1.      Where were you born & raised?
Born in St. Paul, Minnesota

Raised in New Hope, Minnesota

2.      Do you own a pet?
Our current brood includes:
Denner the Springer Spaniel, Stewart the English Bulldog, and Rover the fish (not pictured)


3.      Favorite food?

    Sushi (sorry, Rover).  Any and all pasta. Something called a Swedish Burrito (ask me sometime).  And absolutely any recipe from Alison Roman.


4.      List some favorite books/movies?
A list of both, in no particular order: The Big Chill, Shawshank Redemption, Harold and Maude, Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, Hangover 3 (don’t judge), all James Bonds – even the really corny, horribly outdated ones, all the Tim Burton movies, Harry Potter series, Roald Dahl, Peter Mayle, Canal House Cookbooks, anything by WSJ sports columnist Jason Gay.

5.      Favorite bands/music style?

Steely Dan – I’m a huge fan and terribly proud that my daughters can sing along to any/all songs – even b sides. I was lucky to have the chance to see them in Las Vegas  five months before Walter Becker passed. I blame my mom’s radio choices in the 70s.


6.     Favorite Season?
Each one for different reasons, so I will list them in order of preference.
Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring. I could never live where it’s the same year-round.

7.      Something you really dislike?
Snakes. Burn them all.

8.      Fun fact about you?
I am a bandwagon sports fanatic. I go all in with the lead up to any final…football, soccer, hockey, all of it. I pick my winning team by which side I see singing the national anthem first. Everything about this drives my husband bananas.

9.      What are some other things people may not know about you?

I am *trying* to learning basic Arabic because my future son-in-law is from Lebanon and it’s his native language. Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago is one of my favorite places on earth. If I ever go missing, you can find me there. Fellow consultant, Drew’s wife & I went to the same college, and I enjoy annoying him on occasion by breaking out in the fight song. UM YA YA!

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