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Gift Worthy Whiskies for Dad

Gift Worthy Whiskies for Dad

Posted on Jun 17th 2021

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Surdyk's Staff

Yes, Dad is worthy of Pappy, and we sure wish we could sell you some – but if you need a bottle that is a bit easier to find, these whiskeys are a few of our favorites that are available on the shelf. (At least they are for now. You know how it is with great bourbon... act quickly!)


Four Roses Small Batch Select

A small new slice of bourbon history, Small Batch Select marks the first new addition to Four Roses' permanent lineup in well over a decade, and the first under the tenure of master distiller Brent Elliott. It pulls from 6 of the distillery's famous 10 whiskey recipes (as opposed to 'yellow label' Small Batch's 4), and is substantially more selective about the quality of the barrels and their age (6-7 years). And perhaps most importantly, it is non-chill filtered, retaining the whiskey's naturally luscious texture. Bottled at 104 proof and blended for complexity and length, Small Batch Select presents an intriguing middle ground between the outstanding value of this legendary distillery’s 'standard' Small Batch, and the dazzle of their limited-release Small Batch special editions. We can't recommend it enough.

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Old Tub Bourbon  

2020 will go down as many things, but one positive will be the re-release of James B. Beam Distilling Co.’s Old Tub, the unfiltered, 100-proof bonded bourbon inspired by the oldest brand from the Beam family. Just like the original Old Tub recipe, the liquid skips the chill filtration process, which forces the liquid through a dense filter to remove fatty acids during distillation, resulting in a bonded bourbon with a full-bodied, authentic flavor. The limited-edition whiskey has notes that include oak and warm caramel, and aromas of vanilla and toasted grain.
"We're taking bourbon lovers back in time and making a delicious bourbon true to the way my ancestors intended over 140 years ago, when Old Tub was first crafted," said Fred Noe, seventh generation master distiller. "I'm excited to share this one-of-a-kind liquid with our fans and provide a bit of authenticity and nostalgia as we head towards another 225 years in the bourbon industry.” Old Tub is best enjoyed neat or in classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned.  

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Jefferson Reserve Very Old Bourbon

The Jefferson Reserve Very Old Bourbon showcases the master distiller’s blending skills. Made from three distinctly different bourbons, each of whose mash bills are a varying blend of corn, rye, and malted barley. Once distilled, they are then aged for up to twenty years – giving serious legitimacy to the label name “Very Old.” Each batch of the Jefferson Reserve is crafted from only 8-12 casks, compared to 200+ that are often used when bottled under the “Small Batch” label. The taste is bold, yet sophisticated. Notes of toffee, vanilla, and baking spices are warm and rich on both the nose and palate, and the finish is incredibly smooth and long. Serve neat or over a large cube of ice.


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Pinhook Bourbon War 5yr Vertical Series

For the Vertical Series release, Pinhook selects 150 bourbon barrels each year from varying lots to be blended, held, and then a portion bottled and released annually starting from 4 years through 12 years of age. This program began in 2019 with the release of the Bourbon War 4 year and now we have the 2nd release with this 5 year. A fantastic gift for any bourbon lover and one that will be worth seeking out as the future releases continue. (limited!)


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Black Maple Hill Rye  

The highly sought-after Oregon label is a relative newcomer to the world of American Whiskey, being first introduced in 2000. Black Maple Hill has found fame with micro-batch whiskies, which are made at the Oregon regional craft distillery, Stein. Not just the brick and mortar for distilling, all of the grain for Black Maple Hill comes from fields owned by the Stein family, which means not just locally sourced Oregon grain, but a final product in which complete control happens at every step of production. Classic rye notes of spice meld into warm caramel. This will elevate dad’s next Manhattan.


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Kentucky Owl “Confiscated” Bourbon  

Kentucky Owl was founded in 1879 by a local pharmacist, Charles Mortimer Dedman. He built the C.M. Dedman Distillery that for decades produced “The Wise Man’s Bourbon” under Distilled Spirits Plant Designation “No. 16,” one of Kentucky’s original distilleries, and part of a booming industry. A series of unfortunate events (Prohibition, fire, and rumored Mafia theft) brought an end to the once successful distillery. Fast-forward to when Charles’ great-great-grandson, Dixon Dedman, began to look into resurrecting the brand, releasing the first Batch 1 in 2014. The “Confiscated” bottling is the first nationwide release from Kentucky Owl. The name is a nod to the warehouse of barrels lost when the government seized all of the original Dedman distillery on the eve of Prohibition. On the nose are notes of gardenia, banana bread, toasty sourdough bread crust, and red apple. The taste is of graham crackers, citrus, toffee, and muted sweet cinnamon spice, balanced with white grape notes, and a hint of cayenne on the finish.


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Title Image: Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash 

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