A Toast to Brunch

A Toast to Brunch

These days the ritual of weekend brunch is omnipresent in nearly every city. From the greasy diner breakfast to the small plates passed with bottomless Mimosas, it’s become a time for a gathering of friends and family as much as the hearty Sunday dinner has always been. The popularity of brunch only seems to increase as every weekend passes. However, with that comes few opportunities for reservations at the most popular establishments and long lines of people only subdued by the occasional free coffee and the waft of pending bacon and pancakes in the air.

As spring approaches and the flowers start to bloom, friends come out of hiding and are always in need of a mid-morning cure. Without the call of football to pull them out of their slumber, and instead of waiting for your name to be called as you stand in the slushy brown leftovers of winter on the sidewalk, let us help you with a new kind of cocktail party, and prepare brunch like the best of them.

In theory, brunch is two meals in one, so there is no remorse or possibility to overdo it. Throwing a brunch party is a breeze and it’s easy to cater to everyone’s taste buds because anything goes. That’s where we come in. Every morning we serve up a fresh quiche with different ingredients. Organic eggs, vibrant cheeses, and endless colorful veggies are not only beautiful to see and taste, but easy to throw together in a pinch. We also feature hot breakfast sandwiches to strike anyone’s fancy. Our most popular, B.E.A.T., houses thick bacon, a farm-fresh egg over-easy, perfectly ripe avocado, tomato, and pepper jack cheese, with just enough spice to wake you up in the morning. Surdyk’s Cheese Shop’s famous donuts (just ask Thrillist) are housemade in decadent flavors: Benton’s bacon, crispy and smoky, languishing atop a pool of maple glaze; and stunning Slovenian sea salt sprinkled over Cordillera dark chocolate ganache, just to name a couple. Test out your favorite at Surdyk’s, then bring some home or make your own. Don’t forget to bring home the cheese!

Want to wake up and brunch without cooking? Surdyk’s Catering has you covered. Speaking of cheese, we could help you wow your guests with a gorgeous cheese platter, to serve eight to 50 people some of the most decadent and satisfying flavors of most everyone’s favorite type of dairy. In addition, we have gorgeous chilled shrimp, fresh fruit platters, Swedish pumpernickel toasts with smoked salmon and shaved fennel, chicken salad in endive, tortilla Española and more. Roll out of bed and greet your guests without lifting a finger. After all, that’s what brunch is all about. Everyone knows no brunch is complete without a hearty Bloody Mary or bubbly Mimosa, and we have the cure for whatever ails you. Beer is more popular than it has ever been, so instead of just using it as a chaser for a spicy Bloody Mary (we suggest adding kimchi and Kimkim Korean Hot Sauce), you could also make a beer Mimosa. Melissa Surdyk has taken on the duty of expanding our beer selection, and she’s risen to the occasion in epic proportions. We guarantee to have something you have yet to try or even have heard of—and what better time to test it out than over brunch with a splash of orange juice? May we suggest Ommegang Witte Wheat ale, or a new pick—The Barista Breakfast Brown Ale from Clown Shoes. Surdyk’s brunch, it’s a Sunday Funday kind of love.
— Molly Surdyk



Pic Credit: thrillist.com

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