Redemption Pool

As the demand for limited-release and allocated bourbon remains sky-high, we will be offering our most limited items by Redemption Pool through your Surdyk's Rewards account throughout the year.


If you are a Surdyk's Rewards Member, you can redeem Reward Points to enter for your chance to purchase the bottle at its list price. No line-ups, no lists!

You can enter as many times as Rewards Points you have available to redeem. There will be multiple bottles available with multiple points values throughout each pool. Details for Round 1 are listed below, and a preview of Round 2 at the bottom of the page.

To Enter, access your account. Click REWARDS seen at the top of the page.

Click the "Redeem" tab and select the bottle you'd like to bid on.

Results will be sent by email after the drawing has ended.

Round 1: November 6 - November 26

Results on November 27, 2020

Those selected will be contacted by email and/or phone on the day of the drawing, and will have through November 30 to respond & pay for their bottle. Those selected will not be required to purchase if selected, but any points used to enter the Redemption Pool will not be returned.


$44.99 per bottle

25 Points per entry


OWA isn't the most expensive bourbon, but it's certainly one of our favorites. Notably created with what some speculate to be the same mashbill as Van Winkle, this wheated bourbon has become just as hard to find.


12 bottles available.

eagle rare

$49.99 per bottle

25 Points per entry


As its name suggests, it's pretty dang hard to find a bottle sitting on the shelves these days. Aged for minimum of 10 years, it's easy to sip and a great bottle to dive into the world of bourbon collecting with.


12 bottles available.


$74.99 per bottle

25 Points per entry


Duluth's Vikre Distillery has produced Minnesota's very own Unicorn bottle in their efforts. Released in small batches each year, they age their bourbon mash in port barrels with soft maple staves, and finished in bourbon casks that have been used for aging maple syrup. It's quintessential Minnesota flavor.


12 bottles available.

Old fitzgerald 15 year

$219.99 per bottle

50 Points per entry


Another aged, wheated bourbon for your collection? Okay! Old Fitz comes from Heaven Hill Distillery since 1999 but is well known for it's pedigree, sold to "Pappy" Van Winkle during Prohibition. The bourbon is well rounded with a touch more oak. Is released semi-annually in a beautiful decanter bottle.


2 bottles available.

Blanton's single barrel

$99.99 per bottle

50 Points per entry


... we get more requests each week than any other product! The Original Single Barrel Bourbon, produced at the legendary Buffalo Trace distillery, helped to kick off the modern whiskey boom.


6 bottles available.

elmer t. lee

$64.99 per bottle

50 Points per entry


Named for the long time Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace, this single-barrel whiskey is hand-selected to fit the taste and standards set forth by Elmer T. Lee himself. This bottle is balanced and bold.


6 bottles available.


$429.99 per bottle

75 Points per entry


WhistlePig Double Malt Rye 18 Year represents the most aged bottle in Round 1. This bottle is uniquely crafted with and floral earthy flavors unique to the malted rye. This is a product a true connoisseur and would be a welcome addition to any collection.


3 bottles available.


$199.99 per bottle

75 Points per entry


This year is the 20th release of the series. The "birthday" is that of founder George Garvin Brown who was the first to seal bourbon in a glass bottle. This is an extremely rare bottle this year - only one winner in this pool


1 bottle available.


We'll be offering other allocated items throughout the year in the same manner and the only way to get in on the action is to join Surdyk's Rewards program. The more points you have, the more opportunities you have to bid on these more highly sought after items! We'll announce these Redemption Pools via email and our website.


If you have questions regarding your existing rewards account or how to log in, please head over to the Contact Us page, and we are happy to link up an email address to your existing account for you to access any existing points.




features: Weller 12, Vikre Sugarbush, Yamazaki 12 Year,

Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Chocolate Malted Rye,

Four Roses 2019 Limited Edition Small Batch, Pappy Van Winkle 23 Year.