Virtual Sake Tour & Tasting

WITH akitabare

Join our friends from World Sake Imports for a Virtual Tour & Tasting

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2021 at 8:00 PM CST

Wish You Were Here? Us too! Soothe your Wanderlust with a Virtual Tour, Live from Japan.

Let's head to Akita Prefecture in Japan's cold and snowy north.


Akitabare is brewed in the northern Tohoku region, in an area with the highest per-capita sake consumption in Japan. The brewery takes pride in its traditional methods, allowing fermentation to proceed at low temperatures for up to 25 days before pressing. The result is a family of clean, pared-down sakes with excellent balance and structure. Much of the work is done by hand in small lots, and some of the equipment has been in continuous use for nearly a century.


Cherished for its natural beauty, lively festivals, handicrafts, restorative hot springs, delicious seasonal foods and sake, Akita’s economy is driven by agriculture, fishing, and forestry but remains most famous for rice farming and sake brewing.


Akita Shuzo is now in the heart of the daiginjo brewing season. Following long-held traditional methods, they make clean, perfectly balanced sake with impeccable structure. Sho Nomoto, a third generation artisanal sake brewer and president of his family's brewery will join us for this exciting online event.




sake to sip throughout the tour: AVAILABLE AT SURDYK'S!

There is no fee or purchase required to join, but we encourage you to have some sake on hand to sip during the tasting.

This light sake is seamlessly put together. Just sweet enough for sipping chilled on a warm day, with rarefied flavor notes that impart a declasse elegance, and a finish that is pleasantly dry.

Its subdued, understated refinement evokes a sense of the northern province where it is meticulously brewed. Goes best with seafood and vegetable dishes simply prepared, including tempura.