Lucchetti Lacrima di Morro d'Alba 'Fiore'



We've been working with this estate for quite a few years now, having been one of the first American retailers to see the beauty and the value in the wines produced here. We still find their wines to be special, and more importantly, great values. Morro d'Alba is the name of the pricinciple town, near Ancona on the eastern side of Italy (could we call it the "calf" of Italy's boot?) Although I am not aware of any studies on the genetic origin of this particular varietal, it is understood to be an ancient grape, grown in the small appellation, and to the best of our knowledge, nowhere else. Notes of plum, inermingled with holiday fruit cake, fresh garden flowers, and a subtle hint of anise, ride a train of aromatic complexity. The aromatic train here is driven by the stunning power of roses, like a room full of them in your glass... complete with the moise, almost humid "aromatic texture" we experience from lots of roses in a small space. I've not experienced this from any other wine. On the palate the wine is spot-on gorgeous. Clean, smooth, fruit driven, and full of personality, this is a fantastic value and I recommend it highly. -Andy Hall

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