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Tattersall Aquavit

CASE: $169.74 (6 per case)
BOTTLE: $30.79
Tattersall Aquavit is crafted from a complex blend of botanicals leading the charge. Use as substitute for vodka for a new twist on the classics

Minnesota 14 Whiskey

CASE: $148.74 (6 per case)
BOTTLE: $26.99
Using the finest ingredients the state has to offer, it is hand crafted in small batches and cold weather aged to create a whiskey as unique as the ingredients used.

5 Vodka - 5 Infused Lemon Ginger

CASE: $127.14 (6 per case)
BOTTLE: $22.99
Our Vodka is distilled in the Midwest 6x from Non-GMO corn. We use 1500 lemons in every batch of Lemon Ginger. Every bottle is slow infused in small batches (really small) and filled and labeled by hand. 5 is made from 100% natural ingredients and is GMO and Gluten Free FIVE SIMPLE INGREDIENTS : VODKA, LEMON, GINGER, SUGAR, WATER

Apple du Nord

CASE: $160.14 6 per case
BOTTLE: $28.99
A sweet but subtle apple flavor spirit fresh from the fields of the north to your glass.

Solveig Gin

CASE: $193.14 (6 per case)
BOTTLE: $34.99
A new American style Gin leading with thyme and grapefruit peel, with lighter juniper notes. A true field-to-glass spirit made in Northern Minnesota.

11 Wells Maelstrom Rum

CASE: $148.98 (6 per case)
BOTTLE: $26.99
Distilled from dehydrated sugar cane juice, creating an Agricole-style rum reminiscent of the tropics.
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