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Q&A with Consultant Peter Plaehn

Q&A with Consultant Peter Plaehn

Posted on May 8th 2023

Written by
Surdyk's Staff
  1. Where were you born & raised? 

All over the Midwest, mostly Iowa and Wisconsin. Lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, came to Minneapolis for 10 years, went to Houston for what was intended to be 5-6 years but was just 18 months because of the pandemic. Back in Minnesota for the foreseeable future.

  1. Do you own a pet?

Just a rubber plant at the moment. Likely getting my next dog after credential exam season wraps up later this year.

  1. Favorite food?

Always pizza, but rediscovering my love for Indian and Thai food.


  1. List some favorite books/movies?

If I just want fun entertainment, the Marvel MCU movies. But if I’m getting serious…Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut, of course), Legends of the Fall and Shaun of the Dead. Almost anything from Ridley Scott or James Mangold. For books, I haven’t done a lot of recreational reading since I’ve been studying for the MS exam, but hoping to get back to reading Steinbeck’s East of Eden every year and making time for the short stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I like Christopher Moore’s books, too.

  1. Favorite bands/music style?

I use music to set my mood, so something upbeat in the morning and something classic later in the day. It always confuses people when they hear me listening to country rock.

  1. Favorite Season?

Whatever seasons we’re calling the seemingly only 4-5 weeks a year of temps in the 60s…

  1. Something you really dislike?

People who can’t see beyond themselves or don’t want to try new things. Just seems boring to me.

  1. Fun fact about you?

I play competitive softball, though not 50-60 games per summer like I used to; my body doesn’t recover as fast anymore!

  1. What are some other things people may not know about you? I’m a published writer and novelist. I toured the country with a drum & bugle corps in my teens, and as a result I’ve been to all 48 continental states and have been on the fields of many famous stadiums. Logging all those hours under stadium lights is probably why I love playing night games for softball.

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