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Noelle's Pick: Marie B. Bourgogne Rosé

Noelle's Pick: Marie B. Bourgogne Rosé

Posted on Aug 14th 2020

Written by
Noelle Starr
Say Rosé and Provence quickly comes to mind. This area is so associated with this style of wine that other French regions tend to get ignored. Burgundy, located in west central France, is a perfect example.
Famous for their stunning, collectible (often staggeringly expensive) Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, it is also home to a few producers who commit some of those valuable grapes to rosé production. We discovered Marie B. Rosé a few vintages back and have loved every release of this gorgeous, dry rosé of Pinot Noir. The vibrant pink color comes from the juice having spent a bit more time with skin contact before fermentation. That deeper extraction translates to the wine having more substantial body and flavor character than those you would typically find in the south of France.
On the nose and palate, you’ll find cherry skin, baked rhubarb, ripe apple, and orange blossom, all met with a touch of earthiness that complements the vibrant fruit and floral notes.
I find this wine has a bit more complexity from start to finish, which means this goes well with MANY food partners. So far, winners at my house include Mushroom Risotto (homemade!) and the delicious Graze Box (ordered! from Surdyk's Catering) It’s so flexible that I plan to keep this in rotation at my house through Thanksgiving. - Noelle

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