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Essential Drinking: Cantina Andriano

Essential Drinking: Cantina Andriano

Posted on Jul 22nd 2020

Written by
Noelle Starr

The Alpine wine region of Alto Adige in northern Italy is as influenced by neighboring Austria as much as its home country. Positioned within breathtaking views of surrounding mountain ranges, the mineral rich vineyards of Cantina Andriano lie within the valleys between. Small, family owned wineries banded together in 1893 to become the first wine co-operative in the region, and have since flourished under this model of communal labor and production. Every wine in the Andriano portfolio shows the dedication of the growers, the talent of the winemaker, and the stunning attributes of the terroir.

Their white wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel. The calcareous and dolomite filled soil contribute a distinct minerality to the wines.

The flavor profile shows an emphasis on lemon citrus with bright, clean acidity.
The texture is smooth, creamy, bright, delicious, and balanced all the way across the palate.
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