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What's Bill Drinking? Chateau Trians Rosé

What's Bill Drinking? Chateau Trians Rosé

Posted on Jul 3rd 2020

Written by
Lindsey Coleman

Summer is the best time of year for drinking floral, light, rosé wine. Rosé goes great with creamy cheeses, green salads, and all kinds of sandwiches. Surdyk’s has stocked this wine for years… new packaging this vintage, but the same beautiful, dry rosé inside! This comes from Provence in the south of France and the vineyards are located in Coteaux Varois region near the Mediterranean Sea. The 49-acre site has some vines as old as 50 years. The region has lots of warm sunny days and the soil is filled with stony limestone and clay soil. The grapes are grown organically in small lots and hand harvested. Lots of care is taken to make this wine. The flavor is full of bright, lush fruitiness with tastes of strawberry, cranberry, and peach. Good acidic balance with a dry texture – not sweet! Great taste and color make for a wonderful glass of wine. Can be a lovely aperitif before an evening meal. A real value!


- Bill McCleary

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