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Chillable Reds

Chillable Reds

Posted on May 25th 2022

Written by
Surdyk's Staff


Chill out.

As summer months approach and the temperature starts to rise, most people abandon the reds they enjoyed during the colder months and move exclusively to whites and rosés. Thankfully, the “rules” of wine drinking that have long formed/forced the parameters of acceptable wine etiquette are slowly starting to loosen their grip on American wine drinkers. Gone is the hard fast “red with meat, white with fish” ideology. Enter chillable red wines. We aren’t talking cellar temp chilled. We mean chill it like a white. We have brought in a lot of new wine recently, and it just so happens that many of these new labels are perfectly suited to chilling for summertime drinking. These aren’t heavyweights; instead, they offer plenty of juicy fruit and a pop of acidity which absolutely comes alive when given some time in cool temps. Throw a few of these in the cooler or fridge and serve alongside cheese boards, barbequed ribs, grilled brats, and even your most decadent cheeseburger. Your summer wine selection just got bigger.

Here are a few to try:


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