The Brews of Summer

The Brews of Summer

As Surdyk’s celebrates its 82nd(!) year of business and summer weather has arrived, my mind turns to beer. This past December saw a changing of the guard in the beer department. Mark Selner, our official Beermeister and department supervisor, retired after 42 years, leaving, as your might imagine, some mighty big shoes to fill. Considering Surdyk’s is a fourth-generation family owned store, it should come to no surprise to learn that his daughter, Jenny Selner is our new assistant beer buyer. Jenny, Tori, Dan, Justin and I, Surdyk’s Beer Department, are teaming together to bring you the best selection of beer from across the globe to right here in our own Northeast backyard. Back when Mark began, the craft beer section held only around 5 labels – how things have changed!

As we move ahead, you will see expanded selections throughout the beer aisles, from Belgians to crafts, cans to bombers, and seasonals to Sessions. What has not changed is our commitment to customer service. Like our knowledgeable wine consultants, our beer staff is here to offer expert advice on food pairing, and will guide your selection from the most intimate gathering to the biggest of blowouts. Surdyk’s Beer Department has you covered. While beer is delicious anytime, for some reason, it tends to taste especially good in the summer! Whether you’ll be up at the lake, tending your backyard grill, or sitting out on your urban balcony, crack open something new and toast summer. From June 11 – June 20, find great deals on that something at the Microbrew Sale.

Find a few of our beer staff’s favorites for summertime below.

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace

This beer can also be referred to as sunshine in a glass! Its perfect, unfiltered golden farmhouse style shines with harmony between pilsner malts and flavorful Belgian yeast. Not only is it fantastic on its own, it also pairs great with grilled meats and summer salads!   -Melissa Surdyk

Crispin Venus

Golden pear wine aged in wine casks and finished with a touch of honey. This cider is refreshing, unexpected, and has complex layers of flavors from the cider itself and the aging process in oak barrels. Drink it with strawberry shortcake and enjoy those long summer nights. -Jenny Selner

Castle Danger Pale Ale

With seven different hops and a delicious biscuit malt undertone, this beer was made for long summer days on the lake. One sip and I feel like I am back up on the North Shore! -Justin Peterson

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

This porter can be enjoyed just as well as an IPA or a session ale during the summer. Slightly chilled, this porter brings out the best of the style, if not better. A medium body, nice coffee and chocolate notes, with a subtle hop finish. Great for barbecues, days on the boat, or getting some sun on your porch. -Tori Hipp-Faragher

Oskar Blues Yella Pils

This is a very refreshing pilsner. Bavarian hops give off a pleasant, fresh scent, but thankfully, it doesn’t come off too strong or hop-driven. The taste of bittersweet malt leads to semi-sweet and smooth pilsner taste. Perfect to take along to the cabin. -Dan Bengston

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