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The experts at Surdyk’s have been a trusted source for advice on wine, beer, and spirits since we first opened our doors in 1934. And while our lives all look a little different these days, our staff is still here to help!
To help you shop during this time, we’ve decided to put together a list of some of the things that we’d be pointing out to you if you were shopping in the store. Most of you are familiar with our Staff Selections, so we’ve made some selections and will be bringing you picks and sale prices throughout the month of May.

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Here’s what We’re Loving in the Beer Department:


Jenny's Pick • SKA Pink Vapor Stew

Sale: $9.19 /6 pack (Regular: $10.29)
Sours are now a staple in just about every brewery’s portfolio-the style has evolved and now more than ever it is an approachable style. There are varying degrees of how sour you want your sour and I think that makes is a great option for all kinds of drinkers. One of my favorite sours is SKA Brewing, Pink Vapor Stew. More than just the bright pink hue that instantly creates a statement the flavors are tropical, citrus, and tart. It gets is bright hue from apples, carrots, ginger, and beets (but don’t worry no beet flavor comes through if you aren’t a beet lover). Enjoy this perfect pink sipper! 5% ABV –Jenny Selner
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Tony's Pick • Modist False Pattern

Sale: $11.19 /4 pack, 16oz cans (Regular: $12.49)
Modist's False Pattern is a smooth, easy drinking New England IPA. Brewed with Simcoe and Mosaic hops, this beer is a go-to when you want a nice hazy IPA but don't want to commit to something so heavy. 5.5% ABV –Tony Saunders
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Harvey's Pick • Lupulin Hooey IPA

Sale: $12.99 /4 pack, 16oz cans (Regular: $14.49)
I immediately turn to hazy IPA's when the weather turns nice and I want to drink a beer outside. Hooey from Lupulin has been one of my go-to’s for a while now. A great balance of juiciness and hops provides the perfect hazy beer to sip on while enjoying the sun, wherever that may be. 6.2% ABV –Harvey Ottinger
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Joe's Pick • Bell's Oberon (Summer Seasonal)

Sale: $8.49 /6 pack (Regular: $14.49)
Like the birds returning from their venture south, the bright blue and yellow cases of Bell's Oberon returning to the shelves marks the occasion that winter is over and warm days are ahead. A full-bodied wheat ale ideal for those hot afternoons in a good shady spot, this beer is distinctive for its excellent balance of sweet maltiness and gentle tartness with a hint of spice. Both the nose and palate are greeted with overtones of lemon and orange, and Oberon closes the show with an exceptionally crisp finish. If you're in the market for a good summer seasonal, this one is the gold standard. 5.8% ABV –Joe Frank
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