Beer from Here: Indeed

Beer from Here: Indeed

Eating local is great, but if given the choice, I’d rather drink local. Especially in a state like Minnesota where we are surrounded by an ever-expanding beer scene. Each month there’s something new rolling into Surdyk’s, and it’s hard to keep up with it all. That’s why we’re offering a spotlight on some of the best Minnesota has to offer with Beer From Here. This month’s pick is a brewery near and dear to the NE neighborhood that we call home, Indeed Brewing Company.

Indeed has become a pretty prominent name in the Twin Cities over the past four years, with a strong focus on Minneapolis pride and environmentally conscious packaging. The cans allow for more fuel-efficient distribution, and they protect the beers from UV and oxygen exposure while still looking cool. Indeed’s beers are crisp and refreshing and tend toward a bright hoppiness that gives it a youthful American craft flavor enjoyed by the energetic beer lovers of Minneapolis.

Each of their finely crafted beers comes in colorful 6-can packs featuring awesome art by local artist Chuck U. Not sure which one to try? We also carry Indeed’s variety 12 packs so you don’t have to pick one. Or, even better, pick from these flagship beers carried year round.  – Amber Phillips (Certified Cicerone®)


Day Tripper | American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.4%  IBU: 45
Day Tripper offers hoppy aromatics of mandarin, fresh pine, and a hint of grassiness, with a balancing sweet malt feature. A smooth pine dankness is right at the front of your sip, set against a biscuity backdrop of malts. It quickly melts away to let the hops escalate, becoming more citrusy as they go.


Midnight Ryder | Black IPA
ABV: 6.5%  IBU: 80
A dark brother of the IPA, Midnight Ryder gives you hops and malts in one convenient drink. From first sniff, IPA might not be your guess with scents of roasty malts like coffee, chocolate, and pumpernickel. The dark malts are the first thing you smell and taste in this beer, with a quick, balanced transition into a chalky, hoppy pine linger. The best of both worlds!


Dandy Lager | Pale Lager
ABV: 5.4%  IBU: 40
Your glass will be brimming with brilliant gold when you pour this lager. The aromas are light green apple notes and crackers. That delicate nose leads into a crisp mouthful of dry biscuit and cracker supported by a strong backbone of hops and fizzy carbonation. It’s clean, bright, and refreshing, and it looks good while doing it!

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