Alexis Bailly Seyval Blanc



At Surdyk’s, we have seen the explosion of locally-made artisan beers and recently hand-crafted spirits from local distilleries. Clearly, the farm-to-table trend has extended from food to drink, but it really began long before these recent trends with the emergence of wines made from 100% Minnesota grown grapes. The winery that started it all is Alexis Bailly Vineyards, whose founder David Bailly planted Minnesota’s first vineyard in 1973. I have enormous respect for David Bailly and his daughter Nan for taking a huge risk and doing what most experts considered impossible, which was to grow grapes and make fine wine in one of the harshest winter climates in the agricultural world. Through careful research, innovative farming, and winemaking techniques, David produced wines that have been recognized for numerous regional and international quality awards. One of Alexis Bailly’s white wines that I love is the 2014 Seyval Blanc, which is named for the French horticulturist who developed the variety during WWI, and which David hoped could survive the harsh MN winter. Fortunately, David’s intuition proved correct, Seyval Blanc thrived, and is now Alexis Bailly’s premium dry white wine. It shows bright, crisp citrus fruit, lively acidity, and a dry, elegant finish. This wine will pair perfectly with lighter meals like salads, grilled chicken and pan-fried fish, goat cheese, as well as garlicky pesto. I heartily recommend that you try this wonderful wine, which serves as a great example of the quality of Minnesota grown and produced wines. Cheers! -Drew Fuller

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