Cabaletta Rosso


I would like to take a minute and introduce you to your new best friend and the best red wine (in my opinion) for
under $10 that you will have all year. Cabaletta Rosso has such a high “quality-to-price” ratio that it is truly a WOW wine. Tenute Fiorebelli is located in the heart of the Veneto and is prominently known for their gorgeous Amarones, and they’ve completely outdone themselves with this masterpiece. Cabaletta Rosso is a smooth, silky red blend made from 70% Corvina, 20% Rondinella, and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. The mesmerizing bouquet displays lovely floral notes of fresh cherry blossoms, ripe black currants, juicy red figs, raspberries, and a mélange of spice notes. About a third of the grapes are dried out in aerated lofts and the grapes remain in “Appassimento” for 70-80 days, losing 35% of their original weight and concentrating the richness of the fruit. After the blending occurs, 40% of the wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels. The result is a medium-bodied wine with fresh acidity
and silky tannins that easily carry the richness of the dark fruits and spices as they culminate on the smooth finish. This is a very versatile wine that can easily be enjoyed on its own or pair with pizza, pastas, grilled meats, stews, or an array of cheeses. If you are a fan of Valpolicella, Ripasso, or just great value wines that overdeliver for the price, this is one not to miss. Pick up a few cases and share with your friends.

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