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L’Etoile du Nord Vodka (750ml) • It is the first craft vodka of its kind to bring together sugar beets (arguably Minnesota’s ugliest crop) combined with Minnesota’s most abundant crop, corn. The vodka passes through two stills, and 24 rectifying plates; the end result is a crisp, uniquely smooth vodka with a subtle sweet flavor.
L’Etoile du Nord is appropriately named after the Minnesota state motto “L’etoile du nord” or “the star of the north.” Like all Du Nord products, L’etoile vodka focuses on the base grain to find its flavor. The corn that makes L’etoile is also the source of its sweetness and creaminess. Avid whiskey drinkers may detect a subtle vanilla flavor often present in bourbon, a corn based whiskey. L’etoile is a “sipping vodka” and is best enjoyed neat or in a cocktail with a citrus note.
L’Etoile Du Nord won Triple Gold Medal for flavor at the MicroLiquor Spirits Awards in Beverly Hills, CA, a silver medal at the Denver international Spirits Competition, and a bronze medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Nationally recognized, Minnesota’s signature taste can now be found in numerous restaurants, bars and liquor stores throughout Minnesota. Reg. 22.99 Sale $20.69
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Fitzgerald Gin Formula No. 1 750ml It is a hybrid between a classic London dry style gin and an old world gin. Fitzgerald leads with a strong juniper flavor backed by citrus, angelica root, and licorice root. The result is a gin that stands on its own, but is equally tasty in a cocktail or mixed drink.
Fitzgerald Gin, Formula No. 1, is actually the 27th gin formula developed by Du Nord. The initial plan was to make 3 formulas and see which one was voted the best. Before the other formulas could be released, Fitzgerald no. 1 racked up a gold medal, a bootlegger’s award and a loyal following–all of which convinced Du Nord to keep formula no. 1 indefinitely.
Fitzgerald is a macerated gin, a process that requires long steeping of botanicals. The long steep and the subsequent botanicals-in distillation creates a gin that tastes more like juniper and less like pine. A byproduct of the deep juniper flavor is the Fitzgerald louche or cloudiness. A gin “louches” when the ratio of botanical oils is high; these oils can come out of solution when the alcohol is diluted. The flavor of the gin is stored in these oils, so the resultant cloudiness is proof that the gin is packed with flavor. Fitzgerald is best served over ice or in a martini, but it will add bogin-based to any gin based drink.
Fitzgerald Formula No. 1 won a gold medal at the Denver International Spirits Competition. Reg. 24.99 Sale $22.49
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Apple Du Nord 750ml It is a spirit rooted in the soil and history of Minnesota. The father of Minnesota apples, Peter Gideon, produced Minnesota’s first apple, “Wealthy,” in 1861. Named after his wife, the Wealthy Apple proved apples could grow in Minnesota’s climate.
The spirit begins its journey in Lake City on a 66 year old orchard; the juice is then driven north to our Minneapolis distillery where it is blended with spirits made from Minnesota corn and lightly spiced. The result is a sweet but subtle apple flavor fresh from the fields of the north to your glass.
Apple Du Nord won a silver medal in the liqueur category at the Denver International Spirits Competition and has been featured in national publications. Reg. 24.99 Sale $22.49
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Café Frieda Coffee Liqueur 750ml The roots of Café Frieda stretch back to the beginning of Du Nord when the owners casually complained of the lack of a coffee liqueur that tasted like real coffee. After years of careful testing, blending, trial and error, Café Frieda is now ready for the world.
As a farm-direct, grain-to-glass distillery, it is important that the ingredients in Frieda are both qualitatively and ethically aligned with Du Nord. We use Peace Coffee™ Yeti cold press blend: an organic, fair-trade blend roasted a less than a mile from our distillery. The coffee has bold chocolate notes that play well with the bitter, peppery notes of roasted chicory. All of the alcohol in the product is distilled in our Minneapolis shop from corn grown on co-owner Shanelle Montana’s parent’s farm.
So why name it Café Frieda? At Du Nord, we believe that the most important job in any community is that of teacher. Teachers are more than conduits of knowledge, they are often role-models, disciplinarians, friends, mentors and a number of other jobs/roles for which they receive little recognition and less compensation. It made sense to name Café Frieda after a teacher who, for hundreds of students at Minneapolis South High School, embodied the struggles, difficulties, and joys of being a teacher. The woman affectionately known to her students as “Frieda” (not her real name) ran a massive theater program that allowed students of all types to work both on stage and behind the scenes to produce several shows each year ranging from Shakespeare to Bob Fosse. All this was on top of her English classes during the day. Co-owner and head distiller Chris Montana was fortunate enough to participate in Frieda’s programs both in class and on stage.
Most people who will try this product will never meet Frieda, but everyone has had a Frieda in their life: a teacher, a coach, a mentor that went the extra mile and made an impact on a young person’s life. We dedicate this coffee liqueur to the many “Friedas” out there who work so hard each day to plant seeds that may not bear fruit for decades but will nonetheless change the lives of so many. We think they deserve a drink; don’t you? Reg. 24.99 Sale $22.49
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