Staff Selections • Noelle Starr

Seasonal Pick 2024

Kraemer Blanc de Blanc Brut

    (Loire Valley, France )

Surdyk's Price

Steph's Cheese Pairing:

Coppinger – Sequatchie, Tennessee – Cow Milk - $32.99/lb

We are about to enter Brunch season here in Minnesota.  All those dishes featuring eggs, cheese, salty meats, and a possible fried chicken laden waffle often be served alongside a glass of bubbly will remind folks that one of the very best food pairing wine styles is sparkling. And while we carry a large selection of sparkling wine, everything from uber-familiar Champagne houses to funky Pet-Nats, most people are looking for a great bottle that doesn’t break the bank. Kraemer Blanc de Blanc Brut is a dry French sparkling wine made from Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc grapes sourced from the Loire Valley. It has comparable flavors of apple, pear, and biscuit, to the pricier wines from Champagnes at a fraction of the price. It is a dream pairing with aforementioned Brunch items (go grab a Surdyk’s Quiche in the Cheese Shop and thank me later), as well as any salty snack food, decadent crab pasta, or even a classic roast chicken. I was so impressed by this wine; I served it at my daughter’s wedding and it was the first thing we ran out of. (119385)