Staff Selections • Keri Brown

Seasonal Pick 2023

Domaine Trimbach Pinot Noir Reserve

(Alsace, France )

Surdyk's Price:

If you’ve been in the store recently, I’ve probably talked to you about going back to wine school to learn more about French wine. The first region we covered was Alsace, so it just made sense for me to start with a bottle from Trimbach, as they have been producing amazing Alsatian wines for three centuries across thirteen generations. The family oversees each operation, from planting to harvest, from vinification to bottling. The tradition, dedication, and vigilance are obvious in this bottle. Speaking of the bottle, there’s a bit of dorky history there. The fancy flute-shaped bottle is now required in the Alsace AOC, even though it started as a matter of economics and transportation. The early transport of these wines was much more smooth and forgiving in comparison to the sea transport of the Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. It is said that the slender bottle shape was best for stacking bottles in crates to be transported in small hulls of the river boats. About the wine (finally!): it starts with a delicate nose of red and black berries. The wine is not aged in barrels to preserve its fruitiness and finesse and really brings the cherry flavors and classic old-world earthiness on the palate. The tannins are smooth, silky, and refined. This is a fantastic choice for the holidays, either as a gift for someone (or yourself), or on your holiday table.