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Winter Pick 2023

Masseria Li Velio Susumaniello

(Puglia, Italy)

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Susumaniello (pronounced soo-soo-man-YELL-oh) is one of the world’s rarest wine grapes. Brought back from the brink of extinction over the last two decades, Susumaniello is only grown in the Salento region of Puglia—the heel of Italy’s boot. Even today, only a miniscule 125 acres of the grape is under cultivation. Traditionally used as a blending grape, Susumaniello has lately assumed a starring role in varietal red wines. The Masseria Li Veli Susumaniello is one of my absolute favorite recent discoveries. Exuding an exhilarating medley of dark fruit aromas and flavors accented with hints of licorice and spice, it’s guaranteed to warm the depth of your soul even in the darkest days of winter. Use a little to braise an Italian-style pot roast, then enjoy the rest of the bottle when it comes out of the oven.