GB Burlotto Dolcetto d'Alba



G. B. Burlotto is one of the storied wineries in the Piedmont. One of the original properties to embark on estate bottling of their own wines, Burlotto has been a mainstay of traditionalist production in the Barolo region for nearly 150 years. Their Dolcetto is perhaps not the wine they are most famous for, but it is easily one of the better bottlings of this grape that I’ve encountered. The name of the grape translates essentially to ‘little sweet one,’ which would suggest that it yields a sweeter style wine. In reality, the Dolcetto is as dry as they come, but there is a ‘sweetness’ to the fruit it gives. The wine traditionally is made to be consumed young, on its fruit, while it is still fresh and vibrant, which (I believe) is the origin of the connection to the name. In the glass, this wine is brightly translucent ruby, very aromatic of flowers and red fruits. On the palate the flavors are driven by the red fruit complex of cherry, pomegranate, and cranberry, including just a side note of the bitterness you might expect from those flavors. What I love about the Burlotto bottling is that there is no attempt to over-extract the grapes, so the resulting wine retains its youthful bounce and vitality, and it delivers that charming fruitiness in a bold and clear style. I think you’ll be VERY impressed with it, and when you consider that this is ‘traditional’ winemaking for this grape, it might just remind you (as it does me) that ‘traditional’ does not always mean stern, tannic, or dull. Our older generations used to enjoy a spot of fun, too! Put a little chill on this wine, and enjoy with summer salads or roasted veggies off the grill. (114399) -Andy Hall, Wine Department Manager

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