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Vintage Port from Warre's, Paired with a Cigar

Vintage Port from Warre's, Paired with a Cigar

Posted on Aug 19th 2021

Written by
Surdyk's Staff

Founded in 1670, Warre’s recently celebrated their 350th anniversary, making it the oldest British Port company established in Portugal. For the first time since 1882, consecutive vintages were declared for 2016 and 2017. We are thrilled to have both available, on sale through Sunday, August 22 during the Splurge Sale.


These Ports are perfect for pairing with a cigar!

Read on for some recommendations from Drew Fuller.


#14, Wine Spectator 2018 Top 100


Winemaker's Notes: "Nearly half the Warre’s 2016 is made up of old, mixed vines from both Cavadinha and Retiro vineyards. At Retiro the vines are between 80 and 100 years old with a predominance of Touriga Franca being grown. These vineyards produced tiny yields. The structure and complexity of the old vines were balanced with great acidity and freshness from the Cavadinha grapes. Due to the very cool nights during the vintage, the grapes arrived at the Cavadinha lagar winery so cold in the mornings that, in effect, they had a ‘cold soak maceration' before the fermentation began, favoring excellent aromatic extraction. More perfect harvesting conditions could not have been hoped for."


Sold out



Also in 375ml


Winemaker’s Notes: "The 2017 Vintage Port is made up of the finest parcels from Warre’s three Douro vineyards, Cavadinha, Retiro and Telhada, and the privately (family) owned Alvito & Netas properties.


The field blends from Cavadinha and Retiro provide the principal structure with a combined contribution of 63%. The combination of old field blend vines and very low yields gives the Warre’s 2017 Vintage Port extraordinary complexity and subtlety, alongside the concentration and power which are hallmarks of the year." Available in two sizes.



Sold out


At Surdyk’s, we are well known for our world class selection of fine wine & spirits. I want to remind you that we also offer an equally impressive selection of premium cigars. We have a small, but well-curated selection of assorted styles, sizes, and price points. From rich, dark, Maduros, to lighter bodied, naturally wrapped cigars. Prices range from everyday enjoyments to those for serious collectors to savor slowly. Please stop by the store or feel free to send me an email if you are looking for recommendations.  

Wine Consultant Drew Fuller also curates our selection of cigars!

Here are a few cigars that I have recently enjoyed. Each stood out for distinct reasons.  


Ashton La Aroma de Cuba is a rich, earthy cigar with chocolate undertones. An incredible value at $7.99 each.  


Montecristo Classic No. 2 is the perfect cigar to enjoy when you are in the mood for a smooth, incredibly balanced smoke. $19.99 each.


Finally, when you want to solve the world’s problems (or forget them!), enjoy the beautifully complex flavors found in the Padron 1926 Series #9 Natural, which boasts consistently high ratings in Cigar Aficionado (it was their 2007 Cigar of the Year). $21.99 each.

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