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Spirit Pick: Steward Solera Bourbon

Spirit Pick: Steward Solera Bourbon

Posted on Jul 22nd 2020

Written by
Lindsey Coleman

Notes from the Spirits Buyer, Jim Larson

Finding great, unique products is one of the joys of my job. It was a very happy day when I was offered this, made better by the opportunity to offer it to my customers at a price unmatched elsewhere in the Twin Cities. A combination of 8 different bourbons, some dating back as far as 2000, this dram is married together through a solera system. Made famous by Sherry producers, a solera is a system for fractionally blending older wines or spirits with younger stock to add back youthful energy while hopefully not covering up the deep complexity of the older stock. This product succeeds in offering hints of both. Aromas of char and caramel in one second evoke a bright young whiskey, then the next brings forward leather, vanilla, and a deep mix of baking spices letting you know there’s a fine older core. Bottled at 100 proof, this makes one fine old fashioned, but I’ve been happy just sipping and relaxing. Flavors start off close to a baked spiced apple, slowly molding into notes of orange rind, cacao, and vanilla. Warming yet quick finish. An intricate all-rounder that overdelivers, especially at this price!

Sold out

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