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Something Fresh!

Something Fresh!

Posted on Jun 29th 2020

Written by
Noelle Starr

I can almost guarantee the reaction when a customer asks me for a Sauvignon Blanc recommendation and I suggest von Winning Sauvignon Blanc II from Germany.


Confusion and sometimes suspicion are written all over their faces. An understandable reaction – as most people associate Germany first with Riesling, and second, with sweet wine. The truth is that not only does Germany produce a large amount of dry wine, it is also home to well over 100 different varietals. While many of these lesser-known never make it out the country/continent, we should be extremely lucky that any Sauvignon Blanc comes this far considering not much is planted (Less than 10 acres of the entire von Winning estate is dedicated to this varietal).


Many of you are familiar with Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and Loire Valley’s regions of Sancerre & Pouilly-Fume – which are drastically different styles of the grape. The German take on this has aromatics of apricot, lime zest, and cream. The flavors are citrus-driven lemon and lime (not grapefruit) along with tangy green apple and fresh herbs. Telltale acidity that is completely refreshing kicks in on the finish. Von Winning’s award-winning winery is certified biodynamic. A perfect match for pasta with basil pesto.

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