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Q&A with Consultant Bill McCleary

Q&A with Consultant Bill McCleary

Posted on May 6th 2023

Written by
Surdyk's Staff

1. Where were you born & raised? 
Always been a Minnesota boy…born in Fairmont near the Iowa border. Lots of relatives in Iowa. At age 5, our family moved to New Ulm, so all my school days (K through 12) were there.  

2. Do you own a pet?  
Our family growing up were dog people so small dogs were always around. Today we have Willy at home. He’s a 15-pound miniature poodle…brown with a white blaze. Great companion. At three years old he is a renegade and full of bursting energy.  

3. Favorite food?  
Hard to beat my love for pasta…Italian dishes of all sorts. There is simplicity here with great tomato flavors for delicious and fillings dishes. Italy produces a wide variety of red wines with savory dark fruit flavors and ample acidity to pair well with Italian foods from north to south. 


4.  List some favorite books/movies?  
Big mystery (who done it!) thrillers. I’ve read all of Nelson Demille’s novels and also can’t get enough of Dan Brown’s books. Absorbing reading. Following Yellowstone series is fun on TV and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a real situational hoot with clever writing and great characters. 


5. Favorite bands/music style?  
I’m not a musician to any degree but enjoy classical music. The Beatles are still my all-time favorite singing group.   Elvis the 2022 movie is a charmer and I see him in a better musical light than earlier years. Best concert I ever attended was Bruce Springsteen and his E Street band. Best voice in my lifetime…Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Have lots of his music. He is returning to Minneapolis for a concert in 2023. I’ll be there. 



6. Favorite Season?  
Most of us who live in Minnesota will say our favorite weather season is FALL. I am going to choose SPRING. Cold temps give way to warmth. Trees and all green growth are returning to bud and leaf. Sun filled days are much longer. Ice leaves our lakes and outdoor activity is prime for months to come. Yes, it’s SPRINGTIME.    

7. Something you really dislike?  
I’m pretty much down the middle on most likes and dis-likes. Moderate and open to both sides of most issues. I will often adjust to new ideas and can change my mind when situations call for it. The answer to this question is…politics. I really dislike how both local and national politicians can be so tribal and glued to one side of major issues with loyalty to one party at all costs. Once elected, most political behavior seems based on staying in office. The dishonesty and corruption involved on all sides is all too obvious. The people to be served lose out over and over. It has not always been this way, but today’s politics is a sad commentary on governing. Really hard to witness. 


8. Fun fact about you?  
Received my Master of Arts degree from the University of South Dakota…in theatre arts. Spent a summer in the acting troupe at the Black Hills Playhouse in western South Dakota. Great theatre experiences in college but I never tagged myself as a good actor. 


9. What are some other things people may not know about you? 

    Hooked and landed a 212 lb. Marlin while fishing off the coast of Acapulco,

    Mexico many years ago. 


    Directed a community historical outdoor pageant for many years in New  

    Ulm, Minnesota during the summer Heritagefest.  


    Have two married sons and three smart and talented grandchildren. 


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