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Something New: Hexamer Spätburgunder

Something New: Hexamer Spätburgunder

Posted on Feb 14th 2021

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Surdyk's Staff
We have long carried white wines from Hexamer, so what makes this stand out? Let's start with the varietal Spätburgunder, which is 100% Pinot Noir. Made from juice that was free from skin contact, prohibiting the transfer of the typical ruby color and textural qualities one would expect from the red wine, but the resulting white has some of those familiar elements: pops of spice, lively fruit, and acidity.

2018 Hexamer Spätburgunder Weissherbst

From the most beautiful pale color, to the vibrant aromatics, the palate through the finish…this wine is elegant. We received only a handful of cases and they won’t last long.

Sold out


“This wine is a beauty. If you tasted it blind, not knowing what varietal it was, you might at first think it could be a Gruner…or possibly an Alsatian Riesling…but as it lingers on your palate and the wine naturally warms in your glass, is seems only possible that this is Pinot Noir. Just lovely.”


– Roger Clark

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