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Gift Worthy Whiskies

Gift Worthy Whiskies

Posted on Dec 17th 2020

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Surdyk's Staff

If you're hunting for high profile whiskey this year, you may come up short. But that doesn't mean you can't find a gift-worthy whiskey that will be sure to please. Whiskey Advocate’s Top 20 Whiskies of 2020 was released, and Surdyk's has a few bottles still in-stock from that coveted list! Act fast – these won’t last long.

#2 : Knob Creek 12-Year bourbon

No short cuts or gimmicks here. This is simply extra-long aged classic Knob Creek, allowed to rest for 12 year, building great depth into Knob Creek’s classic pre-prohibition style. The barrels were primarily located in the center of the Knob Creek warehouses, ensuring the most consistent environment for the bourbon to patiently mellow in white American oak casks. All the classic flavors of oak, caramel and vanilla present within those barrels are concentrated year after year, curbing away fieriness while enhancing the full-flavored spice-forward nature of Classic Knob Creek 9 year.

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Also Available: Knob Creek 12-Year Cask Strength 

The big brother to this bottle, this limited edition is at 120.5 proof.

#3: benraich the smoky twelve

The top of Benraich’s 2020 core line relaunch.


Master blender Rachel Barrie has pulled a trick in creating a smoky whisky that carries enough classic Speyside richness that both the peat-head and peat-adverse can marvel at a glass. The peat is gentle and well built into the dried fruit with a velvety cacao and blueberry finish. The aroma is a beautiful blend of sweet fruits and campfire.  

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#6: ardbeg 5-year "wee beastie"

Those who have the bug for big, smoky, peaty scotch know Islay is the place to find their preferred tipple. They also know to expect to spend a pretty penny. That’s why this overdelivers on so many levels. Well honed after only 5 years aging, this whisky fits right into Islay’s subtle, smoky sweet spot. Smells brightly of honeycomb and peat. Ardbeg’s quintessential brininess, smoke and tropical fruits all show on the palate. Finish of blackened peppered bacon.


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#12: old overholt bottled-in-bond rye

Long a bartender’s secret weapon. This may be the best Manhattan builder for your buck, and it’s good to see this getting some love. Stiffer proof, four years aging plus non-chill filtration all keep this rye delivering after shaking, straining, stirring, muddling, building, blending, layering, flaming or whatever you want to do with it.


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#13: glenmorangie 15-year "the cadboll estate"

Sourced exclusively from the barley fields surrounding the distillery, this is the first ever Glenmorangie Single Estate whisky. Combined with Scotland’s tallest stills and an extended, 15 year stay in bourbon barrels, this whisky has a distinctive buttery smooth mouthfeel. The Barley is the star here giving flavors of biscuit, orange and mint on the palate with a lingering jasmine honey finish. Impressively clean, creamy dram.


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#16: macallan 15-year double cask

A Classic Macallan. This time harmoniously bringing the richness of oloroso sherry barrels with European oak’s subtle spice. Sweet and warm flavors of orange, ginger, dried fruits and baking spices make their way along this supple, creamy whisky. Long finish of caramel, ginger and citrus. Macallan’s approach, long aging, undisturbed in cask and blending just before bottling, plays a key role for them continuing to set the benchmark for rich, elegant scotch.


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Title Image from Whisky Advocate

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