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Our Cheese Shop staff is barista trained, and we have a full service coffee bar, serving some of the finest coffees that Minneapolis has to offer. We serve only La Colombe Nizza espresso, tea is from Verdant, our house cold press is B&W Estate Blend. We use Ames honey, and variety of chocolates from our specialty selection.

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B&W Specialty Coffee

B&W is our Northeast Minneapolis coffee roaster favorite! They roast just down the street from Surdyk’s and make the best French roast in town. We love it so much, its the only one we brew. You can taste their Twin Cities cred by picking up a bag of their best-selling Scandinavian, sold whole bean or in 12oz prepack. It’s bright and nutty; Scandinavian indeed.


We are proud to offer the best local chai in the Twin Cities. We have the light, subtle and delicious Gray Duck, sold by the bottle in 2 flavors: 9 spice and Burnt Sugar. For the more adventurous palate, try the intense Prairie Chai, heavy on ginger and spice. We carry Prairie Chai in the cold drink case, and in our coffee bar. Delicious both hot or cold, and handcrafted proudly in Minnesota.

True Stone

true stone coffee _surdyksTrue Stone is the best small batch coffee roaster out of Saint Paul. That’s why we trust them to make our Surdyk’s House Blend. True Stone believes it’s not just about amazing coffee, but also honest pay for honest people. All of their coffee comes from small farms and cooperatives, and the farmers are all paid better than fair trade prices. We brew True Stone, sell their beans by the pound and in 12oz sealed bags.

Verdant Tea

Verdant Tea SurdyksVerdant Tea is making the most exquisite tea in China available here in the Twin Cities and boy, are we lucky! Verdant is different than traditional tea sources, working directly with small farms in China and buying small, fresh batches of tea. Both in terms of quality and taste, Verdant Tea is exceptional. Enjoy this carefully curated and crafted tea either in 2oz tins or by the bag in our coffee bar.

Some Favorites:

Campfire: A blend of orange peel, cinnamon, dandelion, ginger and vanilla.

Hand Picked Tieguanyin: The dry tea smells of clover honey and lilac. The first steeping has notes of honey and grape, the second and third steepings the tea becomes silky with notes of cashew and rice pudding. Aftertaste is spicy and warm. Delicious!

White Jasmine: The best Jasmine tea on planet earth. No joke! Scented in the traditional way, Jasmine blossoms are scattered around the tea while it dries and are replaced by fresh blossoms in the morning. And you can taste it. For sale in canister or by the bag.

La Colombe

la colombe nizzaSurdyk’s is the only store in Minnesota to carry the famous coffee roasts from La Colombe. This exclusive coffee roaster from Philadelphia is world renowned and a favorite of Mario Batali, Daniel Boulud, and Gordon Ramsey. We’re proud to be serving their espresso in our coffee bar and selling their fresh sealed cans and 12oz prepacks on our shelves.

Corisca – Uncommon, rich, full. Corsica is blended for and roasted for richness and possesses a long-lasting coffee finish. In a word, Corsica is bold! For those who love rich coffee.  A quintessential filter coffee with a character all its own.
Nizza – Caramel, Nutty, Fragrant. Nizza is blended and roasted for softness and sweetness. Stop by our coffee bar for a shot and then take home a fresh sealed can!
Pure Black – It’s cold press time! Pure Black is steeped for 16 hours in stainless steel wine tanks, free from oxygen, pressed and filtered twice. 100% real coffee – no dilution and no preservatives. We’ve got a frosty bottle waiting for you.

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