Our chocolate section is a source of pride at Surdyk’s Cheese Shop. We carry an ever-growing selection of bean-to-bar, fair trade, organic, and local chocolates. Whether you’re looking for a special bar, something for baking, a box of truffles, or fancy hot cocoa, we’ve got you covered.

Artisan Bars & Confections:

These are typically hand-crafted, small batch bean-to-bar chocolates to give you the best and most authentic chocolate experience.


Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co.– Nashville, TN
Southern, stone ground, artisan chocolate

Mast Brothers – Brooklyn, NY
Iowa-born brothers, and pioneers of the bean-to-bar craft chocolate movement.

Chocolate Amatller – Barcelona, Spain
Founded in 1797.

Madecasse – Madagascar
Two Peace Corps volunteers who served in Madagascar decided to produce their chocolate directly in Africa – bringing about delicious product and a social impact.

Kallari – Ecuador
Kallari organic Ecuadoran chocolate is grown and harvested by a cooperative of indigenous Kichwa farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Grenada Chocolate Co. – Grenada
Bean-to-Bar chocolate grown in the Caribbean.

Domori – Italy
“Cocoa’s faithful servant”

Vosges Haut Chocolate & Wild Ophelia – Chicago, IL
Chicago-based chocolatier offering bars studded with exotic choices: spices, salts, bacon.

B.T. McErath – Minneapolis, MN
A local favorite!

Rogue Chocolatier – Boston, MA
If perfection is in the details – than the craftsmanship of Colin Gasko is just that. Pure, elegant, perfect. And we can’t help but love that he started out in our little neighborhood.

Theo Chocolates – Seattle, WA
The first organic fair trade-certified cocoa producer in the United States.

Valrhona – France
Luxury French chocolate.

Indulgence Chocolates – Milwaukee, WI
Each creation is a work of art!

Taza Mexican Chocolate – Somerville, MA
Stone ground, organic chocolate in the Oaxacan tradition.

Recchiuti – San Francisco, CA

Chuao – San Diego, CA

Fran’s Chocolates – Seattle, WA

Rabitos Royale – Spain


Baking Needs:

Cordillera Chocolate – Colombia

Scharffen Berger – San Francisco, CA

Callebaut – Belgium


Hot Cocoa:

Grenada Chocolate Co. – Grenada

Indulgence Chocolates – Milwaukee, WI

Theo Chocolates – Seattle, WA

Rancho Gordo – Napa, CA


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