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Offering more than 350 varieties of cheese from all over the world, Surdyk’s provides one-stop shopping for cheese aficionados, party planners, gourmands, and plain ‘ol hungry people.

Our vast selection of cheeses is manned by a staff of friendly faces that really, really know their stuff about cheese. We are always willing to help pass on know-how when it comes to cheese. Be prepared to answer questions about what your likes and dislikes are, taste a couple of different things, and we will be sure that you leave with a perfect little snack, or a platter worthy of a very special party.

Check out these featured cheeses or check out our selection.

the Cheese Shop is not only home to our famous cheese case, but also a meticulously curated selection of specialty grocery items from around the world and accompaniments for your cheese.

Did you know our Cheese Shop features daily specials featuring specialty sandwiches, soup, salads, dinners-to-go, and even dessert? Check out our menu: of Daily Deli Specials

Surdyk’s is truly a food, wine, and spirit lover’s destination.

We can ship cheese all over the country! If you’d like to order cheese please call our Cheese Shop at 612-379-9757. Unfortunately, does not accommodate online shipping orders for cheese at this time.  Shipping cost is additional and is based on weight, type of service, and where to.  Temperature is a factor when shipping perishable items as well.  Too cold or too hot may change the type of service that your shipment might need.

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