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Spring Pick 2023

Diora Wines “La Belle Fête”

(Monterey, California)

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Spring is such a wonderful time of year for me. After a very long winter, I’m all about warmer weather, sunshine, and longer evenings. Baseball is in full swing (Go Twins!), the birds are nesting, and I can once again enjoy sipping wine outdoors on my balcony. Now truth be told, I drink a fair amount of red and white wine, but tend to neglect Rosé, despite the wide variations in style. Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and exploration, so let’s try some new wines! 

La Belle Fête means “the beautiful party” in French, and this juice belongs at yours. A Rosé of Estate Grown 100% Pinot Noir from sunny Monterey, California. I like to serve it slightly chilled (refrigerate for 45 minutes or so), which intensifies the aromas and complementing flavors. Ripe strawberry, juicy watermelon, and notes of honeydew are at the forefront of this medium bodied delight. Refreshing with lovely acidity, this wine finishes dry and memorably.  

This will pair well with many types of food and cheese. A few nights back we served it with baked salmon and green beans, and the result was quite lovely. It’s pretty good by itself, too…