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Seasonal Pick 2024

Artezin Old Vine Zinfandel

(Mendocino County, California)

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Big Woods Blue – Nerstrand, Minnesota – Sheep Milk - $27.99/lb

Spring has arrived, and for me this means outdoor cooking season has begun! I love cooking all sorts on my grill; this year I even plan to build a barbecue pit. Until that comes to fruition, however, most of my cooking gets split between my gas grill or my charcoal in the warmer months. Not all red wines pair well with grilling, but Zinfandel almost always works. They’re jammy, fruit forward wines that can stand up to smoke and spiciness. This old vine zin from Artezin isn’t as jammy as some, but is a mouthful of fresh berries, ripe cherry and smooth vanilla. A subtle hint of graphite gives this wine an earthy edge that I especially enjoy, and it’s tied together with soft French oak. Grilled food is excellent here, but barbecue is ideal, especially with a sweet and spicy sauce. Try serving slightly chilled for a slight twist on the norm! Cheers to Spring! (15435)