Bonny Doon Le Cigare Volant

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I was thrilled to see this California red wine, made of French Rhone varietals, back on Surdyk’s shelf after years of absence. Le Cigare Volant has a history back to 1983 and a colorful story from Randall Graham, owner and master winemaker at Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz, California. He created this “red wine of the earth.” You may remember the original Le Cigare Volant, a voluminous, age-worthy blend of Chateauneuf-du-Pape grapes… today’s 2019 version has been re-styled and re-priced (half the original cost) to retain great flavors yet be more approachable at a younger age. I was a fan of the original Cigare and yet, I find this updated version attractive and tasty as a more modern drinkable wine. Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, and Petite Sirah all add complexity and character, with hints of leather, cured tobacco leaf, sage, oregano, and anise that ride along with solid fruit flavors of blackberry, cherry, and ripe plum. Randall Graham has captured the old-world charm and personality of the original in this newer, younger red. I really like the richness and finish of this wine. Will pair well with red meats on the grill. -Bill McCleary, Surdyk's Staff

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