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Surdyk’s has a limited amount of kegs available for same day pickup, as well as an extensive selection available for special order.

Keg Info:

  • 16 gallon kegs have 168 12 oz. servings (equal to 7 cases of beer)
  • 8 gallon kegs have 82 12 oz. servings (equal to 3.5 cases of beer)
  • 5.3 gallon kegs have 55 12 oz. servings (equal to a little over 2 cases of beer)

All kegs are charged a $5.50 registration fee.

All kegs sold must be registered with the state of Minnesota. You are required to fill out and sign a keg registration form upon pickup. Kegs can be delivered for an additional fee. Please check with us during confirmation and we can provide additional information.

  • All kegs have a $30.00 deposit, refundable upon return.
  • Some kegs have a larger deposit and will be listed as such next to the keg.
  • There is no refund for unused keg beer.
  • All keg deposits are subject to change.

Tap Rental is also available for a $3.50 service charge.

  • Domestic Keg Tap Deposit: $100 (unless noted), refundable upon return.
  • Import or Specialty Keg Tap Deposit $150, refundable upon return
  • Tap deposits are subject to change.

What about tub rentals? Ice? Cups?

  • We do not rent plastic tubs. We can offer a disposable “Cool Brew Keg Bag” that holds a 16-gallon keg + ice for $2.99.
  • Ice is available in 5-pound bags ($1.99) or 18-pound bags ($4.89).
  • Sleeves of 12oz beer cups are available for $6.99.

Do you offer non-alcoholic options for kegs?

Yes! We offer 1919 Root Beer kegs and Deane’s Kombucha kegs.

  • We keep a small inventory of 8-gallon 1919 kegs on hand. All beer keg rules apply, ordering in advance is recommended.
  • Deane’s Kombucha kegs are 5-gallon kegs in a variety of flavors (usually around 10 available). These kegs require special equipment to tap, the deposit is also $100. More info here.

Need options for a large party?

      • Interested in Cold Storage for Parties? Check out Metro Cold-Stor for Tap-Trailer rentals.
      • Wine Kegs are also available when you use Metro Cold Stor!
      • More info at:
        metro-cold stor

Extras can be requested in the special requests field at the bottom of the page.

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