Beer Releases

A Word from the Beer Department:

Release calendar is on availability, delivery schedule, and the information is to the best of our knowledge but is subject to change. Many of the special releases listed here can be extremely limited and most will be for sale in-store only, first come first served. 

New This Week:

Week of Nov 11 

  • Surly & Modist Magic Formula for Peace
  • Bent Paddle Double Shot Double Black

Week of Nov 5 

  • Drekker Ectogasm, Braaaaaaaaains, Brain Squeeze, Whisper Scream
  • Southern Tier Creme Brulee, Cinnamon Roll

Week of Oct 31 

  • Surly Darkness
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration

Week of Oct 22

  • Surly Funeral Bar – Salted Caramel
  • Drekker Ectogasm, Struggle Bis, Blueberry Pancake, Tickle Monster, Wheeze the Juice, DDH

Week of Sept 16 

  • Bell’s Double 2 Hearted
  • Modist Shook Raspberry Milkshake IPA
  • Tin Whiskers Nut Goodie


Surly Darkness :: October 31

Past Releases:

Week of Sept 2 

  • Surly 3DH, Damian
  • Lagunitas Hazy Memory
  • Bitburger Variety Pack

Week of August 22: 

  • Drekker: DDH Ectogasm, Freak Parade, Prrrt (Orange), Slang du Jour (Key Lime Pie)
  • BlackStack “It’s Complicated” (collab with Barrel Theory)
  • Wild State Ciders (New! from Duluth)

Week of July 15: 

  • Drekker: Ectogasm, Brain Squeeze, Hyperscream, Wheez the Juice (Thurs)
  • BlackStack DDH 755 (Wed)

Week of July 8: 

  • Wild State Semi-Dry Cider made in Duluth, MN (Wed)
  • Surly Stunner IPA (Wed)

Week of July 1: 

  • Drekker: Blacklight Syndicate, Ectogasm, Freak Parade, Secret Handshake (Tuesday)

Week of June 24: 

  • Modist Double Dreamyard & Double False Pattern (Monday)
  • Fulton Seltzer (Wednesday)
  • Inbound Pineapple Sour (Wednesday)

Week of June 17: 

  • Lift Bridge Jibe Talking Apricot Sour (Monday)
  • Surly Supreme Grapefruit (Wednesday)
  • Drekker Brain Squeeze, Ectogasm, Phantom Hand, Slang du Jour (Thursday)
  • Fairstate BBRR

Week of June 10: 

  • Modist Into It (Monday)
  • Black Stack White & Dad Jokes (T&W)

Week of June 3: 

  • Drekker Ectogasm, Techno Viking, DDH Freak Parade, Hibiscus Drive by Glitter Bomb

Week of May 27: 

  • Milk & Honey Golden Russet Bagnum 1.5L Cider
  • Aass Lager 6pk NR bottle (from Norway!)

Week of May 20: 

  • Modist Barrel Theory Collab (Monday) *only three cases!*
  • Lupulin Apricot Blonde (Wednesday)
  • Bell’s Oberon 5L (Wednesday)
  • Drekker: Brain Squeeze, Ectogasm, Mind Bullets, PRRRT (Thursday)

Week of May 13: 

  • Indeed Brewing LSD & Peach Bum IPA (Wednesday)
  • Bent Paddle Trampled Golden Ale Collab with Trampled by Turtles (Wednesday)

Week of May 6: 

  • Urban Growler Honey IPA (Tuesday)
  • Drekker Ectogasm, Ivoluntary Narcissistic Rage, Royal Bee, Slang DeJour Brambleberry

Week of April 29: 

  • New Holland Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Hibiscus (Wednesday)
  • Twisted Tea Half & Half (Arnie Palmer-style) 12 pack cans (Thursday)
  • Inbound Brewing Conifer Crush IPA 4-pack
  • Grain Belt BLU is back! (Thursday)
  • Grain Belt Southwest Cerveza (Mexican lager-style with lime) Thursday
  • Schell’s Sangria 12 pack bottles (Thursday)

Week of April 22: 

  • Indeed Old Breed Barrel-Aged Barleywine (Wednesday) *12oz single cans

Week of April 15: 

  • Lagunitas Waldos’ Special Ale (Wednesday)
  • Wild Tea Black & Green
  • Surly Barrel Aged Darkness (just two more cases!) (Wednesday)

Week of April 8: 

      • Modist Tangerine Milkshake IPA (Monday)
      • Black Stack DDH Local 755 (Wednesday)
      • Indeed Hop Dab IPA (Wednesday)
      • Drekker Pizza Toots, Ecotgasm, Ope Sorry, Freak Parade (Wednesday)

Week of April 1: 

      • Surly Barrel Aged Darkness (Wednesday) *limited*
      • Bauhaus Lounge Lizard (Wednesday)
      • Inbound Brewing Mango Milkshake IPA (Wed/Thu)
      • Lupulin Fruitsmack IPA (Wednesday)

Week of March 25: 

      • Bell’s Oberon (Wednesday)
      • Black Stack Brewing: On One & Local 755 (Wednesday)
      • Drekker: Brain Squeeze, Ektogasm, Prrty Pebbles, Tickle Monster (Thursday)

Week of March 18: 

      • Founders KBS (Wednesday)*Limit Two*
      • Surly Warp Zone Pilsner (Wednesday)
      • Weldwerks Brewing: Juicy Bitz, TBD, Apollo’s Remix *all limited* (Friday)

Week of March 11: 

      • Drekker Chipper Stout, Fluff Buddy, Mind Bullets, Secret Handshake (Thursday)

Week of March 4: 

      • Surly Rosé (Wednesday)
      • Hammerheart Fimbulvetr & Ire (Wednesday)
      • Central Waters Rye Chocolate Barrel Aged Stout (Wednesday)
      • Drekker Chipper Stout, Fluff Buddy, Mind Bullets, Secret Handshake (Thursday)

Week of Feb 25: 

      • Indeed Mexican Honey Light – NEW! (Wednesday)
      • Drekker Brain Squeeze, Freak Parade, Thor is My Co-Pilot (Thursday)
      • Sam Adams ’76 (Thursday)

Week of Feb 18: 

        • Boom Island Lemon Drop Wheat and Chill Lacs Session IPA 6 pack cans-NEW!
        • Toppling Goliath DDH Galaxy and Mosaic 22oz bottles (Wednesday)
        • Modist Collaboration with Portage brewing: Double SPF Fruit Punch Milkshake IPA-(Monday)  extremely limited only 18 units available

Week of February 11:

          • Lift Bridge Juice-Z 6pk can
          • Drekker: Ectogasm, Involuntary Narcissistic Rage, Odin is my Overlord, Royal Bee, Wheez the Juice (Wednesday)
          • Black Stack Spin Class Double IPA

Week of February 4: 

              • Lift Bridge Irish Coffee Stout 4 pack can
              • Surly One Mash Most Pit Hazy IPA 4pk can
              • Surly Funeral Bar Tiramisu 4 pack can
              • Lupulin Sophistry 4 pack can

Week of January 28:

              • New Items from Drekker (Thursday)
              • Modist/Junkyard Collaboration: Betsy’s Bright Idea 4pk can (Friday) extremely limited

Week of January 21: 

              • Indeed Barrel Aged Rum King partnered with Dogwood Coffee (Thursday) extremely limited only 24 single cans available
              • Bad Weather Pioneer Press Treasure Hunter

Week of January 14: 

        • Bell’s Hopslam (Wednesday)
        • New beers from Drekker (Thursday)
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