Chapoutier Belleruche Rosé


It wasn’t so long ago that we as wine consultants had to spend a considerable amount of time convincing customers to try one of the many different rosés we bring in every May. Fortunately,we now have many customers eagerly looking forward to the release of new vintages of their favorite rosés, as well as hoping to try new ones. The Belleruche wines from Michel Chapoutier have been a cornerstone of the Rhone section at Surdyk’s for a number of years, particularly the red and white.While I still love these wines, it is his 2014 Rosé that has absolutely grabbed my attention (and taste buds!).Comprised of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah grapes farmed organically,the wine displays a beautiful deep pink color with juicy aromas of currant,raspberry, and cherry fruit. Flavors of ripe strawberry lead to a silky smooth mouth feel, perfectly balanced by fresh acidity that leads to a long lasting finish. Is this wine a great value at its regular $12.99 price? YES. Is it a killer value at this sale price? Definitely! Does this wine remind me of enjoying beautiful summer evenings on the patio with good food and friends? YES! I promise you that whatever quantity you buy of this wine, after you finish the last bottle you will wish that you had another case to last until the 2015 vintage is released next May. SALUT!!

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