Coming Soon… Surdyk’s Rewards Program is getting an upgrade!

Still the same: $1 spent on wine, beer, and spirits earns you 1 point. Every 250 points that you earn will still equal a $10 reward coupon.

Spend more, earn more!

Instead of receiving one coupon a month, you can earn up to $30 in coupons per month. The more you spend, the more rewards you’ll unlock, and you can choose how you spend your points.

New ways to earn points.

Earn points for following us on social media, earn points by referring your friends to our program, and earn 100 points when those friends make a purchase!

More ways to spend your points.

Use your points for things like free delivery, class purchases, even join lotteries for allocated items.

Your points will continue to give back.

In the spirit of the “Heart Healthy” program, we’ll have Point Drives throughout the year during which you can donate your points to selected charities.

How do I join?

Like all things new, change can be a little hard. The Heart Healthy program was good to us (it hasn’t changed for almost 15 years!)

In order to give you more options, we’re taking this rewards program digital, and the key to your new account will be your email address. We might have an email address tied to your profile and we might not. (We’ve been using the mail all this time.) If you’ve ordered online with us in the last couple of years, we probably have your email address on file. If you aren’t sure, usually shop in-store, or just want to double-check that we’ve got all the correct information on hand, you can fill out the form below -or- chat with your cashier in-store at check out. We’ll have your email address on the checkout screen and can verify your info, sign you up, or update your profile.

When does it start?

Soon… but not quite yet!  Our anticipated launch date will be in January 2020. We want to give everyone a chance to register their info and we will be launching soon. Don’t worry. Your current points will transfer to the new program and if we don’t have your email address, your account will just be on hold until we do.

We hope that you will love the new Rewards Program as much as we think you will! Keep your eye on your inbox and our website for details about the launch as it gets closer. Cheers! 

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