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What's New? Damrak VirGin

What's New? Damrak VirGin

Posted on Sep 1st 2020

Written by
Jim Larson, Spirits Buyer
For the sober curious, designated drivers, and everyone else amongst us interested in an alcohol-free cocktail: meet Damrak VirGin.
Crafted in the heart of Amsterdam, Damrak Virgin is distilled from 10 botanicals. Easy-going and refreshing, the subtle citrus notes make this non-alcoholic spirit a versatile substitute in your favorite gin cocktail or martini. After 2 years of mixing, blending, and perfecting the non-alcohol recipe, this long-awaited offering has finally arrived to add another option in this growing and innovative spirits segment. Without losing the unique Damrak Gin taste, even at 0% alcohol, you can now enjoy a cocktail when you don’t want the buzz. Best value in the market for a non-alcoholic spirit.

How to Enjoy: We recommend mixing with tonic, soda water, or ginger beer in easy highball mixes (1:3 ratio) garnished with a slice of orange. You can also sub in any traditional gin cocktail like a Collins, Bramble, or Gimlet.

VirGIN & Tonic

1 part Damrak VirGin

3 parts Tonic Water

1-2 Orange Slices

Virgin Mule

1 part Damrak VirGin

3/4 part Lime Juice

3 parts Ginger Beer


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