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August Specials 2019

BLT Season is upon us and we can think of no better bacon to do the job than Benton’s. Just lay the slices out on a cookie sheet and pop the pan in the oven for all of about 5 minutes. You’ll have crisp, melt in your mouth smoky bacon to go with those homegrown Heirlooms out in the garden (or Farmer’s Market). Our Baker’s Field Brioche loaf would be the other perfect thing to make this the best damn BLT you’ve ever had.


Sale: $3.50 /each (Regular: $4.50)
With our local tomato season here, you’ll want to enjoy your fresh tomatoes with our superb fresh Burrata. Just add fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of vinegar!

Zimbro (Casa Lusa)

Sale: $18.99/lb (Regular: 23.99)
A raw, creamy sheep’s milk cheese, serve delicious Zimbro with a spoon so you and your guests can scoop it onto crusty bread. Made with thistle rennet, which imparts a fruity flavor, it is rich and complex with herbal overtones.

Brie L'Ermitage

Sale: $8.99/ each (Regular 12.99)
L’Ermitage is mild, creamy, and buttery double crème Brie from Bulgnéville France. It has been cooperatively produced for 85 years by the dairy farmers in the Vosges Mountains.

Chiriboga Blue

Sale: $19.99/lb(Regular: 25.99)
This beautifully luscious German blue cheese is the creation of an Ecuadorian cheesemaker. Arturo Chiriboga and his Bavarian born wife moved to Germany, where he began making cheese at the Obere Muehle creamery in Bad Hindelang, using only the highest quality cow’s milk from local alpine herds. Chiriboga has a cake-like texture, a rich buttercream flavor, and light fruity notes.

Bleu Mont Cheddar

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular 23.99)
A wonderful clothbound cheddar, hand-made by cheesemaker Willi Lehner in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Willi uses organic milk collected from nearby farms, and a friend’s dairy where he produces, forms, and cloth wraps each of his cheeses. The cheddars are then carefully aged and tended until they reach us.
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