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October Specials 2019

October: we know what is coming, so let’s enjoy this ’tween month of mostly pleasant, cool weather. Plenty of great cheeses here to pair with your favorite apples, cider, and pumpkin ale!

Quadrello di Bufala

Sale: $17.99 /each (Regular: $22.99)
Made by the two brothers who created Casatica di Bufala, this farmstead water buffalo cheese is similar to Taleggio. Earthy, seductive aromas coupled with a sweet finish, we recommend serving with robust reds or a dark, hoppy ale.

Widmer's 4 Year Cheddar

Sale: $11.99/lb (Regular: 15.99)
You’ll find everything you’re looking for in this four year old cow’s milk cheddar; a classic extra sharp cheddar that is buttery, with notes of sweet grass and butterscotch.


Sale: $22.99 /lb (Regular 26.99)
Challerhocker, translated as “sitting in the cellar,” is produced by Walter Rass, the cheesemaker who makes Appenzeller. He washes the cheese in his own blend of wine, herbs, and spices, then ages it for at least 10 months. It is dense and savory, with notes of hay, leeks, brown butter, and a hint of caramel sweetness on the finish.


Sale: $16.99/ each (Regular 21.99)
An ancient cheese from Alsace Lorraine and not the sandwich cheese from Wisconsin. It is a spicy and tangy washed rind with an emphatic aroma. Buttery yellow, rich, and creamy, with fruity notes.

Old Amsterdam Gouda

Sale: $14.99/lb(Regular: 17.99)
A classic Dutch Gouda that is aged about 18 months. Made from cow’s milk, Old Amsterdam is a hard cheese that has butterscotch and caramel notes, and a satisfying crunch from the tyrosine crystals.

Shropshire Blue

Sale: $21.99 /lb (Regular 26.49)
Shropshire was first invented by a Cheshire cheese grader in the 1920s and is essentially an orange Stilton. Rich, creamy, and slightly earthy, this cheese was born to be with Port wine.
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