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March Specials 2020

Widmer's 8 Year Cheddar

Sale: $17.99 /each (Regular: $23.99)
Widmer’s cheddars just keep getting better and better! This 8-year aged cheddar has a bright acidity, crumbly texture, and creamy richness. Widmer’s really shows off the classic Wisconsin cheddar flavor.

Bleu Mont Cheddar

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular 23.99)
A wonderful clothbound cheddar, hand-made by cheesemaker Willi Lehner in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Willi uses organic milk collected from nearby farms, and a friend’s dairy where he produces, forms, and cloth wraps each of his cheeses. The cheddars are then carefully aged and tended until they reach us.

Vintage 5-Year Gouda

Sale: $16.99/lb (Regular: 21.99)
This rare, 5-year-old Gouda is intense and complex, with a rich nutty flavor and subtle sweetness reminiscent of smoky butterscotch. The color is deep amber to burnt orange, with a very firm and flaky texture.

Stilton Colston-Bassett

Sale: $20.99/ each (Regular 26.99)
Colston Bassett Dairy is our favorite producer of this classic English blue cheese produced in Nottinghamshire. Made from pasteurized whole milk collected from four farms in the same village, this Stilton is rich and creamy with a spicy finish. A regal treat any time of year.

Pecorino Toscano Riserva

Sale: $19.99/lb(Regular: 26.99)
A beautiful Pecorino produced in Tuscany! Made from raw ewe’s milk, each cheese is formed and rubbed repeatedly with olive oil to form a hard rind that protects the aged, piquant interior. You’ll taste a hint of wild herbs and a touch of citrus in this 6 plus month aged cheese. Savor with crisp pears, salumi, and big red wines.
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