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June Specials 2019

In June we celebrate Flag Day – June 14th, Dad’s Day – June 16th, and the Summer Solstice – June 21st.
And congrats to all the Grads out there! Check out our 8-10 person Cheese Plate; it is perfect for the cabin, the patio, or wherever you are entertaining!

Sogn Tomme

Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular: $22.99)
Jodi Ohlsen Read makes Shepherd’s Way Farms’ award-winning sheep milk cheeses by hand in small batches on the Read family farm. Among the first American farmstead sheep milk cheesemakers, Shepherd’s Way began crafting and marketing its first cheese, Friesago, in 1998. Their newest cheese, Sogn Tomme, celebrates 20 years of their cheese making. It’s subtle yet complex with a warm nutty finish.

La Tur Robiola

Sale: $18.99/lb (Regular: 24.99)
La Tur is a three milk Robiola made in the Piedmont region. It harmoniously combines the flavors of goat, cow, and sheep milk into a lovely, creamy cheese. With a gooier, tangier bit just under the rind and a fluffy, cake-like interior, La Tur is a very approachable cheese of exquisite quality. Ideally paired with Prosecco, but it agrees with many other whites as well.


Sale: $15.99/lb (Regular 19.99)
This rare Spanish sheep’s milk blue cheese is produced with milk from Castilla La Mancha. Similar to Roquefort, Mitibleu is creamy and salty-sweet, with an herbal finish.

St. Nectaire

Sale: $10.99 each (Regular: 14.99)
An ancient cheese from the Auvergne region of central France, St Nectaire boasts an appealing tang and pleasant nuttiness of flavor. Pair with a fruity red wine like Beaujolais.


Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular 20.99)
This 100% goat’s milk tome has a slightly dry texture but a very buttery flavor, with a delicate goatiness and a hint of sweetness. Splendidly complemented by dried apricots and a glass of Viognier.

Lincolnshire Poacher

Sale: $21.99/lb (Regular 27.99)
This award winning cheese is handmade by brothers Simon and Tim Jones on their 100% sustainable farm, using only milk from their own herd of happy, pastured cows. Made using a slight variation on the traditional West Country Cheddar recipe, this cheese varies with the seasons but always has a distinctive fruity, nutty taste, with a clean, sweet finish.
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