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January Specials 2019

This is the month to melt some cheese! Warm your body and spirit with a communal Fondue and Raclette party. We’ve got the recipes and we’ve definitely got the cheese! Did you know we rent out our Raclette machines?

Alp Jantzimatt Bio Raclette

Sale: $18.99 /each (Regular: $23.99)
Organic, raw milk Swiss Raclette made just for us from our Adopt an Alp partners Alp Jantzimatt. Smoother and more buttery than our regular Swiss Raclette.


Sale: $21.99/lb (Regular: 26.99)
Challerhocker, translated as “sitting in the cellar,” is produced by Walter Rass. He washes the cheese in his own blend of wine, herbs, and spices, then ages it for at least 10 months. It is dense and savory, with notes of hay, leeks, brown butter, and a hint of caramel sweetness on the finish.


Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular 20.99)
This 100% goat’s milk tome has a slightly dry texture but a very buttery flavor, with a delicate goaty-ness and a hint of nutty sweetness. Splendidly complemented by dried apricots and a glass of Viognier.

Good Thunder

Sale: $21.99/ each (Regular 26.99)
Good Thunder is made by Keith Adams, who also makes Bent River cheese. It is made from rich, organic cow’s milk. What’s really special about this cheese is that it’s washed with Surly beer, lending it a fragrant, fruity aroma, an unctuous interior, and sweet mushroom flavor.


Sale: $16.99/lb(Regular: 20.99)
This is a classic sheep’s milk cheese made in the French Pyrenees from the milk of the Manech and Basco- Bearnaise ewes. This AOC cheese is aged for a minimum of 90 days from a recipe that is over four thousand years old. The aroma is reminiscent of toasted hazelnuts, while the taste is sweet and buttery.


Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular 19.99)
This rare Spanish sheep’s milk blue cheese is produced with milk from Castilla La Mancha. Similar to Roquefort, Mitibleu is creamy and saltysweet, with an herbal finish.
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