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August Specials 2018

Now is the time to eat tomatoes! Buffalo Milk Mozzarella, Fresh Mozzarella, Burrata, and, well, the
combos are endless. Have us slice you up some Benton’s bacon and make yourself the best BLT
you’ve never had. Tip: Our Bakersfield Goodwich of the North loaf is the perfect bread for that BLT.


Fresh Mozzarella

Sale: $7.49 /lb (Regular: $9.99)
With our local tomato season here, you’ll want to enjoy your fresh tomatoes with our superb fresh mozzarella. Just add fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and a splash of vinegar!

Arpea Brebis

Sale: $15.99/lb (Regular: 18.99)
Arpea Brebis is a rare find for us. It’s a washed rind sheep’s milk cheese made in the same Basque region and with the same milk as one of our best sellers, Ossua-Iraty, but is much softer and a little more robust.

Donnay Chevre

Sale: $8.99 /lb (Regular 12.99)
This fresh farmstead Chevre is made in Stearns County and is the freshest Chevre we’ve tasted, with a smooth tanginess that isn’t overwhelming. Surdyk’s is the only retail outlet for this amazing cheese!

Farmstead Manchego

Sale: $13.99 each (Regular: 16.99)
This is Spain’s most well-known cheese. Partially because La Mancha (where it comes from) is so close to Madrid, but also because it is so delicious! Manchego is name-controlled and made with 100% farmstead raw Manchega sheep’s milk. Serve it with a Fino Sherry, a nice Rioja, or a sparkling white wine. It’s also great with fruit, honey, and almonds!

Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular 23.99)
This incredibly rare clothbound cheddar is made by Cabot from grass fed cow’s milk and then aged in the cellars of Jasper Hill; it’s an incredible collaboration between cheese maker and affineur. Earthy, grassy notes complement the rich buttery flavor, making it a fabulous pair with big reds, sweeter white wines, and your favorite beer or ale.
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