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Last fall, Surdyk’s wine department introduced three wines from Christopher Michael, a new lineup from the Pacific Northwest. We are excited once again to bring you these wines – Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a Red Blend – but also to introduce their delicious Oregon Pinot Noir.

Christopher Michael wines are available now for a limited time – case quantity only – to purchase at a special price.


Here’s what our Wine Consultants have to say: 

2014 Pinot Gris

Noelle Starr:   Gorgeous nose, more inviting than many PGris I’ve recently had. Flavor shows loads of fruit: apple, citrus, pear, along with warm tones of honeycomb. Ends with a bright, clean finish.  I could drink this and not grow tired of it! The texture is ideal for cooler weather.

Roger Clark:  More complex than I remember from last year. Lively citrus, slightly spiced apple, and pear notes. Really delicious and a perfect white for the foods showing up in the markets this time of year.

Bill McCleary: People often ask for a versatile or crowd-pleasing white wine – well here it is! This lively Pinot Gris works in a number of social and culinary situations thanks to the full fruit notes and crisp finish.

Drew Fuller:  Pinot Gris, especially from this region are ideal whites for fall. The full flavors of apple, pear and melon are present and the finish is crisp. Medium bodied and ready to pair with the types of food I am craving this time of year, especially squash, and roast chicken.

Andy Hall: I’ve been drinking and recommending Oregon Pinot Gris with more frequency. They possess the ability to combine the mineral component of Italy and fruit forward quality of California. Great balance and tons of personality, it is easy to see why Oregon is proud of their Pinot Gris.

2015 Pinot Noir

Noelle Starr: Classic Pinot! Nose is violets, cherry skin, with a light and lively texture. Finish is long and really grasps that silky quality that pinot lovers look for. Grapes sourced from 2 AVAs in Oregon – almost half from Willamette Valley. This is an incredible value for Oregon Pinot Noir

Roger Clark:  Definitely has Oregon “energy.” Floral, fruit, spice – in both aroma and flavors. Feels unexpectedly supple. Much better than I would expect at this price.

Bill McCleary: This expressive Pinot Noir charms on many levels. Aromatically pleasing, with flavors that clearly represent Oregon Pinot – cherry and spice, and a supple, lingering finish. This is a great wine for all of the upcoming holiday social events on your calendar.

Andy Hall: Clearly Pinot Noir is Oregon’s crown jewel. Yet, it can often be underwhelming and expensive. We are thrilled to offer this fantastic Oregon Pinot at this price. Super versatile and a tremendous value, this will easily feel at home on a casual night by the fire pit or on your most elaborate Thanksgiving table.

Drew Fuller:  Fall is Pinot Noir weather for me! I was excited to see we are offering this beauty from Christopher Michael, as I’m a fan of all their other wines. Showcasing red stone fruit, subtle spice notes both sweet and savory, as well as lovely finish. Well done!

2014 Red Blend

(Syrah 54%, Barbera 20%, Cabernet Franc 10%, Petit Verdot 9%, Malbec 4%, Grenache 3%)

Noelle Starr: Dark berry fruit along with cedar spice. Really smooth and supple and not overly ripe thanks to a flash of acidity on the finish that keeps this completely interesting. Sourced mostly from Wahluke Slope AVA.

Roger Clark: Interesting blend of Syrah, Barbera, Cab Franc, Petit Verdot, Malbec, and Grenache opaque in the glass. The nose shows serious dark fruit, lively hints at toasty tannins on the finish.

Andy Hall:  This is about as “no-brainer” as a wine can get. A rich medley of berries, plum, notes of spice box and an almost hedonistic finish. Perfect for just about any night of the week.

Drew Fuller: I am asked for an easy-drinking red more than any other style of wine – and this, my friends, is it! And by easy, I do not mean simple. I mean, rich, full bodied, and able to partner with just about any food that you want to enjoy. This is the utility player in the wine world.

Bill McCleary: This hits all the right notes for a red wine. Dark fruit that is bold enough to be interesting and yet smooth enough to be completely enjoyable. They’ve highlighted the best of each varietal in the blend, resulting in a winning bottle of wine!

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

Noelle Starr:  All sorts of red fruit going on along with toasty notes from the year and a half spent in oak. Solidly built with firm structure and a pleasing herbaceous note which balances the concentrated fruit which I love.

Roger Clark: Red and black fruit aromas, mint note (almost more a feel than a clear aroma). Definitely tastes like Cabernet. Defined, complex fruit, spice, and oak. Lingers forever. It will be a great wine to watch how age treats it.

Bill McCleary: I have been fond of Christopher Michael Cabernet since our first tasting over a year ago. I can say that this latest vintage is right on par with everything I loved about the previous. Red currant, red raspberry, a thread of spice and toast from the significant amount of oak aging, and an impressive finish. Everything I want in a Cabernet!

Andy Hall: 2014 was hot in Washington – which is great for Cabernet! Concentrated red and black fruit along with herb and cedar indicate a rather serious wine is in this bottle. Give this something roasted or grilled to stand up to it!

Drew Fuller:  I am a huge fan of Cabernets. And I believe you cannot beat the values of those coming out of Washington state. If you are like me and like nothing more than enjoying a great glass of Cab in front of a fire – then be sure to get yourself a case (or 2!) of this beauty.


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