Figgy Pudding

*** FIGGY PUDDINGS ARE SOLD OUT as of 12/23/2019. We are so sorry!!***

…Now Bring us some Figgy Pudding

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♫ “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” ♫ …you just can’t help but hum when you hear the term “figgy pudding.” It wouldn’t be out of place while you’re picking up one of your own; the new annual traditional Surdyk’s Cheese Shop. We introduced them 7 years ago, and our figgy’s have become a holiday staple for many of our loyal customers!

No idea what figgy pudding is? Well, it’s not pudding at all,  it’s a traditional English dessert, definitely a cake, that’s chock full of dried fruits and plenty of booze. Though it hints at fruitcake, Dorie Greenspan, the baker and cookbook author, compares it to a spice cake (from whom our recipe is adapted, and scratch-made by our bakers.)

It includes rum and brandy-soaked figs, golden raisins, cherries, cranberries, and spices. It is finished in a good long soak of rum and brandy. We use mostly organic ingredients, including flour, sugar, eggs, butter. We suggest serving the Bundt-shaped concoction warm, and with a side of our hard sauce to make it even more delicious, decadent, and boozy! It makes an elegant and memorable dessert.

Our Cheese Shop will be selling figgy’s from November 23 through December 31 (or while supplies last.) Please use the form below if you’d like to order your own figgy pudding, or call Surdyk’s Cheese Shop at 612-379-9757.

“We won’t go until we get some, we won’t go until we get some … “ try one of these and you’ll finally know what you’ve been singing about for all of these years. Cheers!


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