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March Specials 2017

We occasionally have good fortune bestowed upon us and receive a wheel or two of Alpage Gruyere when we place our order for young Gruyere, and now is that time. Our regular Gruyere is actually an Alpage Gruyere, made up in the mountains during the spring and summer months from cows that graze on Alpine pastures of wild flowers and herbs. The cheese is made in copper pots over open wood fires and the result is a superb Gruyere with lots of complex flavors… hurry on in and get some before it’s all gone.

Robiola due Latte

Sale: $11.99 /lb (Regular: $15.99)
This exquisite bloomy rind cheese from Italy is made with a blend of cow and sheep’s milk and shaped into little squares instead of typical wheels. Subtle and buttery with just a hint of white mushrooms, try with a drizzle of honey and a glass of Prosecco.


Sale: $11.99 each (Regular: 16.99)
Dubliner is an aged robust cheese similar to cheddar but with a touch of sweetness. It is made from the milk of grass-fed cows in county Cork and aged for at least one year. A perfect pair with crisp fruits, ales, ciders, and spring.

Casatica di Bufala

Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular $22.99)
Made by the brothers Alfie and Bruno Griotti in northern Italy, in the foothills of the Alps. This pasteurized buffalo milk cheese is deliciously creamy with a mild, delicate sweetness.

Cashel Blue

Sale: $14.99 each (Regular: 18.99)
Cashel Blue is a farmhouse blue cheese from the Grubb family in County Tipperary. Besides being honored with countless awards, Cashel Blue is also the very first Irish blue cheese ever made! It is dense and creamy with notes of chocolate, minerals, and the Irish countryside.

Good Thunder

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular $24.99)
Made by Keith Adams who also makes Bent River, this cow’s milk cheese is made from the rich, organic milk from Cedar Summit Farm in New Prague, MN. What’s really special about this cheese is that it’s washed with Surly beer, lending it a fragrant, fruity aroma, an unctuous interior, and sweet mushroom flavor.

Gruyere 1655

Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular $19.99)
1655 refers to the first year the name “Gruyere” appeared in writing, although the production of Gruyere is believed to date back to 1115. Gruyere 1655 is the only Gruyere made and aged in Fribourg, the birthplace of this alpine style cheese. It is made with salt from a 200 million year old alpine salt mine and milk from 8 small local dairies. Aged for at least a year under careful affinage by “Gruyere S.A.,” it is nutty, beefy, and savory. 1655 is incredibly versatile, enhancing recipes or as a favorite on a cheese plate.
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