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July Specials 2018

We’ve got some great cheeses on special this month with summer entertaining in
mind. Cheese to finish a burger on the grill, and plenty of great ways to make a
meal with cheese, salumi, bread, olives, and nuts. Stock up!


Brebis au Piment d'Espelette

Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular: $19.99)
Two great Basque traditions in one! The lovely Ossau-Iraty (a staff and customer favorite) with Piment d’Espelette, the chili of the Basque region. Sweet and nutty with a soft heat.

Granite Ridge

Sale: $14.99/lb (Regular: 18.99)
This is our favorite summertime gem by renowned local cheese maker Brad Donnay. A certified organic, farmstead, soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, produced only during the summer months. Sweet, creamy and with just the right amount of salt and sass!

Widmer's 6 Year Cheddar

Sale: $14.99 /lb (Regular 18.99)
You’ll find everything you’re looking for in this sixyear- old cow’s milk cheddar; a classic extra sharp cheddar that is lemon-buttery, with notes of sweet grass and butterscotch.


Sale: $5.49 each (Regular: 6.99)
Ah Burrata, the creamy, dreamy cousin to mozzarella. Made by quickly and gently stretching hot mozzarella curd around a luscious, creamy mozzarella filling. This cheese will do your heirloom tomatoes proud!

Northern Lights Blue

Sale: $13.99 /lb (Regular 17.99)
Northern Lights is a hand-crafted blue made by long-time cheese maker Joe Sherman. Joe uses raw milk from Brown Swiss cows that pasture near his home in Plato, MN, producing a full-flavored blue with a buttermilk tang and salty finish.

Midnight Moon

Sale: $13.99 /lb (Regular $26.99)
Another delicious cheese from Cypress Grove. Midnight Moon is a semi-firm goat’s milk Gouda. A year’s aging gives it a smooth, firm texture with a nutty-caramel flavor. A great cheese for melting and snacking.
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