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May Specials 2017

Celebrate your mom this month with cheese and other delicious good eats from the Cheese Shop. A special selection of favorite including Petit Nuage, Cottonbell, and Alex will make a lovely Mother’s Day cheese plate. Add delicate Rustic shortbread cookie’s Effie’s Oatcakes, and a jar of Heathglen Farm jam. You’ll be mom’s favorite!
Pick up a Quiche or two, perhaps steamed asparagus with truffle vinaigrette, and herbed new potatoes, and you’ve got brunch in the bag.

Petit Nuage

Sale: $5.99 /lb (Regular: $6.99)
Petit Nuage translates from French into ‘little cloud,’ and it’s named for its diminutive proportions, fluffy texture, and its versatility. Each little button is flipped, salted, and packaged by hand. Petit Nuage is light, soft, and creamy, almost tasting as though it’s been whipped. The flavor is slightly tangy and salty, with notes of grass and herbs, and a mild lingering sweetness.


Sale: $17.99/lb (Regular: 21.99)
Handmade in the mountains of Leon, this robustly flavored goat’s milk cheese is enticingly floral and citrusy. The texture is cake-like when young, though Leonora becomes more luscious and pungent as it matures.


Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular $20.99)
Cheesemaker Albert Kraus uses raw milk from his brother & neighbor’s herd of traditional Brown Swiss cows to make Alex, a cheese that embodies the landscape of the Allgäu in southern Germany and is named after the train system that connects them to Munich. Alex is dense with a creamy body, balanced by notes of fruit and cured meats.


Sale: $19.99 each (Regular: 26.99)
From Boxcarr Handmade Cheese in Cedar Grove, North Carolina, Cottonbell is a delicate cow’s milk cheese with a snowy rind that yields to a creamy, gooey center. Look for notes of earth and truffle in this delicate beauty.


Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular $19.99)
This rare Spanish sheep’s milk blue cheese is produced with milk from Castilla-La Mancha. Similar to Roquefort, MitiBleu is creamy, salty, and sweet, with an herbal finish.

Isle of Mull

Sale: $20.99 /lb (Regular $25.99)
Made on a small family farm on the beautiful Isle of Mull in Scotland, the island is also home to the Tobermory malt whiskey distillery. The cows that supply the milk for this aged raw-milk cheese are fed a diet of grasses as well as the distillery’s leftover fermented barley. As a result, you’ll discover an almost Scotchy finish to this wonderful traditional cheddar.
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