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July Specials 2017

Camping 101 … bring cheese and hard salami! Hard cheeses and dry salami need no refrigeration, so they are perfect for camping, hiking, canoeing, kayaking … you get the picture.

Collier's Powerful Cheddar

Sale: $10.99 /lb (Regular: $21.99)
One of our customer favorites, Collier’s Welsh cheddar has a great flavor profile while being incredibly versatile. It is aged two years, so it is a little crumbly, with contrasting sweet and sharp notes. A perfect pair with crisp fruits, ales, and ciders.

Persille de Rambouillet

Sale: $16.99/lb (Regular: 21.99)
The first thing to notice about this pasteurized, farmstead, French goat’s milk cheese is its striking appearance. It has a dark grey ash-coated rind that is a sharp contrast to its bright white blue-veined interior. This cheese is made from the herd of 700 goats at Ferme du Trembulaye, a certified organic dairy outside of Paris. Its flavor is as striking as its appearance; it has a delicate complexity that dances with a rich butteriness. Try this cheese with Basswood honey from Ames Farms or pair with a lighter sweeter white wine.


Sale: $12.99 /lb (Regular $15.99)
Made from the milk of Churra sheep, a breed found exclusively in the Spanish Provence of Zamora. Zamorano has a wonderful rustic, old world flavor, piquant and nutty. Serve with quince paste and Marcona almonds.


Sale: $13.99 each (Regular: 16.99)
Landmark Creamery is a two-woman run cheese company in southern Wisconsin. Anna and Anna produce and age a variety of beautiful sheep’s milk cheeses. Pepit is a very unusual cheese; it can be used like a cheddar or gouda, melts nicely, but has a unique finish that leaves you craving more.

Old Amsterdam Gouda

Sale: $17.99 /lb (Regular $13.99)
A classic Dutch Gouda that is aged about 18 months. Made from cow’s milk, Old Amsterdam is a hard cheese that has butterscotch and caramel notes and a satisfying crunch from the lactic acid crystals.

Granite Ridge

Sale: $14.99 /lb (Regular $18.99)
This is our favorite summertime gem by renowned local cheese maker Brad Donnay. A certified organic, farmstead, soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, produced only during the summer months. Sweet, creamy and with just the right amount of salt and sass!
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