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September Specials 2018

What a great time of year! Enjoy a gorgeous month of warm days and cool nights; the perfect cheese pairing weather, we say! Try a cider with cheddar, top your burger with MitiBleu, and serve your heirloom tomatoes alongside the Fleur Verte.


Fleur Verte

Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular: $20.99)
A fresh bone white goat cheese encrusted with aromatic herbs: tarragon, thyme, and pink peppercorns. This dense young cheese pairs beautifully with white wines and lighter beers.


Sale: $22.99 /lb (Regular 29.99)
Oma is an American original, made by Sebastian von Trapp on his family's dairy farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. An approachable washed-rind, tommestyle cheese, it’s made from the unpasteurized organic milk of the von Trapps’ Jersey cows. Oma balances pungent and sweet flavors with aromas of roasted nuts, cured meat, and cultured butter.

Marieka Gouda

Sale: $11.99/lb (Regular: 15.79)
Made by Marieke Penterman in Thorpe, Wisconsin, this Gouda is dense and creamy with notes of hazelnuts and just the right amount of sweetness. If you love Gouda, then this may just become your number one!

Blue Earth

Sale: $18.99 each (Regular: 22.99)
Blue Earth, named for the county near Mankato, MN where this luscious, soft ripened cheese is produced, is super buttery and creamy with undertones of mushrooms, vanilla, and grass.

Widmer's 8 Year Cheddar

Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular 23.99)
Widmer’s cheddars just keep getting better and better! This 8 year aged cheddar has a bright acidity, crumbly texture, and creamy richness. Widmer’s really shows off the classic Wisconsin cheddar flavor.

Miti Bleu

Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular 19.99)
This rare Spanish sheep’s milk blue is produced with milk from Castilla Leon and aged in El Escorial, the summer home of the king. The cheese is full bodied and fruity, with a slightly salty finish.
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