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November Specials 2017

We have selected some of our favorite American cheeses this month, many of them are from Minnesota and Wisconsin. Be sure to add a few extra accompaniments like Poor Boy Pepper Jelly and our Sweet and Spicy Walnuts. Happy Thanksgiving!


Northern Lights Blue

Sale: $14.99 /lb (Regular: $17.99)
Northern Lights is a hand-crafted blue made by longtime cheesemaker Joe Sherman. Joe uses milk from Brown Swiss cows that pasture near his home in Plato, MN, producing a full flavored blue with a buttermilk tang and salty finish.

Burr Oak

Sale: $16.99/lb (Regular: 20.99)
Jodi Ohlsen Read, one of our favorite, local cheesemakers at Shepherd’s Way Farms, has been busy working on a new cheese for the past couple years and now we finally have it—though a limited quantity. Burr Oak is a pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese aged for a year and a half. It has a dense texture, with a prominent flavor of hazelnut. A must try!

Bleu Mont Cheddar

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular $22.99)
A wonderful clothbound cheddar, hand-made by cheesemaker Willi Lehner in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Willi uses organic milk collected from nearby farms, and a friend’s dairy where he produces, forms and cloth wraps each of his cheeses. The cheddars are then carefully aged and tended until they reach us. We couldn’t be happier to have them!

Marieke Golden

Sale: $14.99 each (Regular: 17.99)
The latest creation from Marieke Penterman. Crafted from raw RBGH-free cow’s milk, this cheese is soft and buttery with a supple texture and pleasantly sweet aroma. This is sure to become an American classic.


Sale: $20.99 /lb (Regular $26.99)
Oma is an American original, made by Sebastian von Trapp on his family's dairy farm in Waitsfield, Vermont. An approachable washed-rind, tomme-style cheese, it’s made from the unpasteurized, organic milk of the von Trapp's Jersey cows. Oma balances pungent and sweet flavors with aromas of roasted nuts, cured meat, and cultured butter.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular $20.99)
It is nearly impossible to think of American artisanal cheese without thinking of Pleasant Ridge Reserve, winner of multiple American Cheese Society awards. Made by Uplands Cheese Company in Dodgeville, WI, Pleasant Ridge Reserve is based on French Beaufort. It has a full, creamy mouthfeel, with flavors ranging from sweet, savory, nutty, and grassy.
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