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November Specials 2018

Once again, we showcase some of our favorite American cheese this month. We are so thankful that today we have so many more really great, American-made cheeses… it’s hard to pick!



Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular: $23.99)
Contadina is a farmstead, aged, raw goats’ milk cheese made by Katie Bonow in Altura, MN, an area known as the “driftless.” Her small herd of goats graze the land, producing a piquant, sweet cheese.

Bleu Mont Cheddar

Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular 23.99)
A wonderful clothbound cheddar, hand-made by cheesemaker Willi Lehner in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin. Willi uses organic milk collected from nearby farms, and a friend’s dairy where he produces, forms and cloth-wraps each of his cheeses. The cheddars are then carefully aged and tended until they reach us. We couldn’t be happier to have them!

Good Thunder

Sale: $19.99/lb (Regular: 26.99)
Made by Keith Adams, who also makes Bent River, this cow’s milk cheese is made from the rich, organic milk from Cedar Summit Farm in New Prague, MN. What’s really special about this cheese is that it’s washed with Surly beer, lending it a fragrant, fruity aroma, an unctuous interior, and a sweet mushroom flavor.

Bayley Hazen

Sale: $18.99 each (Regular: 24.00)
Made from raw morning milk, this natural rind blue has a drier, more crumbly texture than most. Look for hints of nuts, grass, and even licorice. The name comes from an old military road commissioned by George Washington.


Sale: $17.99 /lb (Regular 22.99)
Friesago is a natural rind, semi-aged sheep’s milk cheese with a dense texture, a pleasantly mild flavor, and a slightly nutty finish. A multiple award-winner, Friesago is versatile as a table cheese and as a cooking cheese. Called a “must try” by Food and Wine magazine and a 2016 American Cheese Society award winner.

Mt. Tam

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular 27.99)
Made from organic cow’s milk, Mt Tam is a rich, creamy triple crème that is buttery with a hint of mushroom.
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