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February Specials 2017

La Tur

Sale: $19.99 /lb (Regular: $24.99)
La Tur is made in Piedmont, Italy with a blend of cow, sheep, and goat’s milk. The flavor is nicely balanced between the three milks and its texture is slightly flakey but very rich with sweet floral notes. This would pair beautifully with sparkling wines for a perfect romantic treat.

Brie Fermier

Sale: $13.99 each (Regular: 17.99)
Brie Fermier is assertive, complex, and unforgettable. The sweet cream and button mushroom flavors characteristic of a well-made brie are deepened by a distinct vegetal note, with hints of asparagus, broccoli, and tomato. Made at Ferme de Jouvence, a certified sustainable farm, this is a true farmstead brie, rarely exported to the United States.

Cave Aged Chandoka

Sale: $16.99 each (Regular: 19.99)
An Australian style clothbound cheddar made by LaClare Farms using a blend of 70% cow’s milk and 30% goat’s milk. Within 48 hours, they send it to the aging rooms at the Standard Market outside Chicago. There it is smeared in lard, wrapped in cheesecloth, and aged for a minimum of 6 months. The cow’s milk gives it depth and fruity notes while the goat’s milk balances that with a bright acidity and creaminess.

Arpea Brebis

Sale: $14.99 /lb (Regular $18.99)
Arpea Brebis is a rare find for us. It’s a washed rind sheep’s milk cheese made in the same Basque region and with the same milk as one of our best sellers, Ossua-Iraty, but is much softer and a little more robust.

Mycella Blue

Sale: $16.99 /lb (Regular $21.99)
Mycella Blue is produced on the small island of Bornholm, in the Baltic Sea, and is one of the few traditional Danish cheeses to be re-created using artisanal production methods. Mycella is a pasteurized cow’s milk blue that is rich, mild, and salty with fruity notes of cherries and a hint of smokiness.

Fleur Airelles

Sale: $15.99 /lb (Regular $19.99)
This fresh goat’s milk cheese is made with generous helpings of bilberries, also known as myrtle berries or European blueberries, and makes a lovely simple dessert course.
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