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January Specials 2018

January is the month for Raclette and Fondue. It’s the perfect meal to end a day of skiing, sledding, or hiking. We rent raclette machines so you don’t have another kitchen tool to store. We also have recipe for different fondue, including the classic using Emmenthal, Gruyere, and Kirsh.


French & Swiss Raclette

Sale: $12.99 /lb (Regular: $14.99)
Raclette is a semi-soft raw cow’s milk cheese washed with brine to impart a deep fruity pungency. Traditionally, it is melted on a grill, scraped over potatoes, and served with cornichons and a variety of meats. The meal itself is called Raclette, and we recommend serving with a Riesling or Pinot Gris.


Sale: $15.99/lb (Regular: 19.99)
Inspired by Swiss Appenzell, Schnebelhorn is a Swiss mountain cheese made by Reno Guntensperger, and is most similar to another of Reno’s creations, the eponymous Guntensberg cheese, but with the addition of Alpine cream. Bolder and stronger, nutty and spicy from beginning to end. The texture is wonderfully creamy with a slight edge.


Sale: $23.99 /lb (Regular $20.99)
Harbison is quite a unique cheese. It is fashioned after the famous Vacherin Mont d’Or, but instead of washing the rind, the cheesemakers made the rind bloomy like a Brie. This method reduces the pungency and allows the cheese to express the essence, the terroir of the wooded Vermont hills where the cows graze and where the cheese is made. The taste of this cheese is layered. The cream is subtly sweet, with woodsy, earthy notes that hint at mustard greens and caramelized onions. We sell the wheels in whole or halves, but the recommended way to serve and eat it is to slice off the top of the wheel and spoon the cheese right onto warm bread, with a glass of Rosé.

Good Thunder

Sale: $19.99 each (Regular: 24.99)
Made by Keith Adams who also makes Bent River, Good Thunder is a cow’s milk cheese made from the rich, organic milk from a local dairy. What’s really special about this cheese is that it’s washed with Surly beer, lending it a fragrant, fruity aroma, an unctuous interior, and sweet mushroom flavor.

Fromage de Meaux

Sale: $11.99 /lb (Regular $16.99)
One of our favorite bries, named for the town in which it is made. Full flavored when ripe, with a wonderful mushroom aroma and flavor. Brie de Meaux has AOC status.

Brabander Goat Gouda

Sale: $18.99 /lb (Regular $23.99)
L’Amuse Brabander Gouda is made from pasteurized goat’s milk in northern Holland. The wheels are hand-selected and shipped to the aging rooms of L’Amuse cheese shop in Santpoort- Noord, where owner and cheese monger extraordinaire Betty Koster matures them. The beautiful white paste has lovely flavors of caramel and butter, with a pleasant savory underpinning from the goat’s milk. The cheese pairs well with a dry Riesling or a malty amber ale.
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