We ♥ Mom

We ♥ Mom

… and Momma loves a good glass of something. Want to make sure you are mom’s favorite? Match your Mom to the style below and make her day the right way.

1) Rosé All The Ways

Rosé comes from all over the wine world, and the only common denominator is its color. Some are fruity, some are mineral-driven, some are dry, some are sweet, some have a bubbly, and some are still. Where to begin? Pick up a bouquet of Rosé and let mom discover her favorite.
Ch. Trians Rose, Provence, France (111636) $10.99 SALE!
Portlandia Rose, Oregon (110514) $13.49 SALE!

2) Hello Bubbles, Goodbye Troubles!

If your mom is anything like most, she isn’t breaking out the Champagne flutes most nights, if ever. Time to change that – because first, mom is worth the splurge (especially on her big day).  Second, everyday bubblies (like prosecco) pair with everything and create a festive mood no matter the price!  Pick a bottle that fits your budget and head to the Cheese Shop and oozy triple crème to go with it.
Le Contesse Prosecco (111337) $14.99
Pierre Peters Cuvee Reserve, Champagne (953540) $46.99 SALE!

3) Drink Like A Lady

Too often, whiskey is wrongly delegated as a man’s drink. This is 2019, and if your mom, like many, is a fan of the “Kentucky Hug”, then pick up a special bottle bourbon, some simple syrup, and bitters and set her up with the makings for an Old Fashioned. A classic of a classic.
Four Roses Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (23827) $37.99

4) Double Her Fun

Double IPAs do it all. A bigger, badder style of IPA that has high hoppy tones and deep malty notes to contend with the higher than usual ABV. Mom can sit back and relax with an IPA on the deck while you knock out her list of house projects.

Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA 6pk can (107177) $7.99 SALE!

5) The Best Bet

Your mom called. A Surdyk’s Gift Card is what she really wants for Mother’s Day.
Available in any denomination

Old Fashioned Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

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